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Last week in Flagstaff was one of those weeks where 68 hours
didn’t seem like enough.  It’s not that there wasn’t
enough time to work out, there wasn’t enough time to change, drive,
workout, drive back, shower and change back.  Sometimes those weeks
happen. I decided to feel grateful I was busy rather than angry I couldn’t
go to the gym.  Stay positive, right?

 This week I am in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for family
obligations.  Last time I was here I was trying to kick sugar.  This
time, after a couple of days I will innocuously call “cheat days”, eating
right feels more natural.  It’s not a battle, it just is.

 So yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in about
two weeks.  I decided that for four out my seven days here, I would do (don’t
remember the name of this workout) – 20 Pullups, 30 pushups, 40 situps,
50 squats x5.  I know the gyms have the assisted pullup machines so there
is no excuse to NOT get this done.

 During my workout of course I noticed people were
looking.  You never realize how different crossfit is until you do it in a
regular gym.  There are the guys and gals lifting and working out at what
seems like snails pace while you are breathing hard, sweating, grunting and
trying KILL IT as fast as you can.  Being one of the few females in the
gym was kind of a rush.  Take THAT guys… I see your bulging muscles
and your huge… stacks……but hey, do you want to race through

 While wheezing on the floor post workout, two different guys
came up to me.  HEY, ARE YOU DOING CROSSFIT?  I perked up and nodded
my head emphatically before I could gasp – YES!  One guy is the size
of a truck and is a mixed martial artist (ok, a cage fighter).  He went on
for minutes about how cool Crossfit is, lots of his friends do it, he prefers
the kettlebell workouts, right on, etc.  Not having to get a word in
edgewise was helpful since I was still working on regular breathing.

 The next guy had more questions.  So do you like
it?  I was on the website this morning, where do you train, have you done
Fight Gone Bad?, have you puked?  I was going to go this morning but didn’t
want to go at 6AM… I crowed the greatness of crossfit, told him if he’s
interested he’d love it, and felt all of a sudden.. CONNECTED.. connected
to this bigger thing than my gym and peeps in Flagstaff.  Connected to a
deeper understanding that is obviously shared by a lot more people in seemingly
out of the way places than I imagined.  It was beyond cool to feel the transformation
from this thing being watched in curiosity to this other thing understood by
people who share a passion.

 Well, the workout really kicked my ass.  Taking two
weeks or so off and having a couple of “cheat days” can’t be
hidden from my body.  Thank God I didn’t have a stop watch, but by
Thursday of this week I hope I’m feeling ready to get back and KILL IT
again when I see y’all on Sunday.

 Happy day from Pittsburgh.


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