Cindy on Saturday

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  1. steve hendrix says:

    god, I miss my crossfit. Got the bronchitis my propane ran-out blues (cold showers and microwave coffee while a fire in my lungs is estingushed with an ice pick)
    lOVE YA ALL,
    sTEVE hx

  2. I miss CrossFit too. I haven’t been all week. But I did some research about the level of fitness we all have at this point. I think we can also beat chimps in races.

  3. Katie, Vic tells me that’s your hand above.
    Thats totally SICK (in the really cool way)Rip-age!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Katie did the whole workout as rx’d with full kipping pullups and full on-the-toes pushups, earning the torn callus badge of honor. Everyone else had strong efforts as well. Ryder will start coming more regularly for NAU’s winter break and will be an excellent addition.
    Cullen, I’ve seen your rope climb; you might have a little work to do before you’re ready for the chimp. Gotta get those feet working for you!

  5. ooohhh!

  6. SALAAAAAAM. PERSONALLY, I think cullen could take the chimp.. anyone have a chimp thats up to the chhallenge? ryan?

  7. That’s not a slam. Did you see that chimp go up the rope? Besides, this is a good excuse to get Cullen straightened out on the rope climb.
    Might see a workout coming….
    I definitely agree that the person most likely to have a chimp is Ryan.

  8. Wow! I go away for a weekend and Katie blows every PR she ever had on workouts by doing an entire Cindy workout with full kipping pullups and full pushups? Katie, you’ve come a long way, Baby! Supa Stah!
    AND, I go away for a weekend and it sounds like I’m being replace by a chimp? Or maybe I’m now training a chimp? Ryan, YOU HAVE A CHIMP?

  9. NO! NO! NO! NO! RYAN IS THE CHAMP, but owns no Chimps. Vic with such proximity to Katie and spending more time at than at Crossfit in Flagstaff = CHUMP. Yes a slam (or as Vic posted SALAAAAAAM – which I think is Hebrew or something)!!!
    P.S. Vic could beat a chimp at gymnastics and I’d love to see him at more workouts.

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