CFF Camping Trip

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Sundays are make up day! Make up a workout you missed this past week or make up some skill work that will help you improve a weakness. Either way, make it up! EMOM and AMRAP or Training and Practice

Out of the gym – #OTB events occurred this weekend!  We had a GREAT camping trip up on the Rim at the End of the World with stunning sunsets over Sedona and the Secret Wilderness canyons.  Thanks to all who joined us, including Shawn and Sarah from Ironwood CrossFit down in the Valley!  So great to bring others up to join in with our community!

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Camp CrossFit Flagstaff!

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Marshmallow roasting – the quintessential camping fare!  Sarah had the roasting down to a science.

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Stay tuned for other fun events to share with great people!  We do some sort of out of the box adventure at least once a week!

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