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IMG_93651. Skill Work:
2 mins max Double Unders
1 min rest
2 mins max Double Unders

2. WOD – Individual version of the 2013 Team World workout #2 
Chipper For time:
15 Dumbbell Burpee Box-Overs – 50# M/35# W, 24″ box M/20″ W
15 Deadlifts -315# M/225# W
15 Overhead Squats -205# M/145# W
15 Muscle Ups

DB Burpee Box-Over:  15 complete reps = 15 pushups and step onto and over the box 15 times
Done in CF World Championship

DavidWThis photo grid showing the overhead is more than just a journal of how an overhead squat is properly executed.  It is also an incredible display of hard work in dedication to form-work under light loads for a long time and hours of time spent in mobility.  The overhead squat and Snatch have been major stumbling blocks of progress for David W. for years due to tightness in his hips and especially his ankles.  This was a very different squat just months ago.  His lack of mobility forced his knees to cave in and his torso to forward inclinate, creating an accordion style squat.  Today, we see his knees drive out to initiate his squat, and continue to press strongly out through the entire range of motion of the squat.  That knee/femur position allows his hips to open up and in turn allows the torso to descend in a vertical position.  The bar can sit balanced through the structure of his body vs twisting his shoulders back to try to support it over a forward leaning torso, as he had in the past.  The result is that he was able to do this entire workout as prescribed with great form and no pain.  Something that was impossible a few short months ago.

IMG_9318 IMG_9297 IMG_9287
Congrats to Kevin on his first Muscle Ups!!!!  Welcome to Maggie, who recently moved here from CF Missoula (MT)!!

IMG_9311Big Daddy Ben returns from paternity leave!  We can’t wait to meet Juliet!

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Thanks for visiting from Reebok CF Neurnberg (Germany), Martin!

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