Canadian Hockey

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10 Rounds of:

30 seconds of Wall Ball  -20 lb.M/15 lb.W
30 seconds of Slam Ball  -20 lb.M/15 lb. W
2 minutes Rest

Set up like a hockey period of a 1 minute rotation of play on the ice, rotating out for 2 minutes of rest off the ice.


We had another visitor today!  Jared, a CrossFitter from New Jersey, came to town to compete in the Mountainman Triathlon.  After completing his race this morning, Jared then came and joined us for some "Canadian Hockey"!  Nice to have you, Jared.


  1. My ball is the highest in that one picture! WOO HOO OK i think I had the lowest score out of the four of us. Nice work everyone

  2. okay, i just have to say i think its a little odd that you guys keep posting pictures of everyone completely trashed, out of breath and lying on the floor in misery. And yet, for some strange reason that i don’t understand. more freakn people keep showing up for the punishment. You are all super tough in my book, but a little funny in the head too!
    So I figure it like this. The free trial sat workout is actually like your fist hit of meth.
    first, its free.
    second, if your brain chemistry is just right. you are ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i mean seriously people.
    jared looks like he just ran a freakn triathalon.
    billy looks like he’s been shot in the chest.
    jason looks like he’s prayin for the pain to stop.
    and katie looks like she is ready for a vacation.

  4. ….and Lucy is just wondering which one might want their face licked first?

  5. I am just jealous I wasn’t there for the FUN!! Aren’t you Vic?? Nice job guys!

  6. Katie B. says:

    Me too!!! Of course I miss the Canadian Hockey workout… what the hell? Hey everyone- from Chico, California, aka the Butte Lightning Complex. We have done a few little workouts of our own out here. Miss you all, hope to see you soon… keep kickin some ass…

  7. me ball burst!!! That’s why I used a 18 pound ball. First slam ball of the workout. I decided to use it as a butt ball but it was too high…I wasn’t getting my full range of motion 😛

  8. awwwweee….!!!! Miss you guys! I climbed Livingston Peak today….OMG! Montana is amazing country!

  9. CrossFit Flagstaff says:

    Done on Monday:
    Amanda WB: 16,16,16,17,16,15,15,15,17,16
    SB: 15,14,14,13,13,12,11,11,12,11
    Steve WB: 20,19,19,18,20,16,19,18,18,17
    SB: 17,20,19,18,13,15,15,15,12,11
    Joe WB: 17,16,17,16,15,15
    SB: 16,13,14,12,12,10 Pukie entered the room, but Joe did not shake his hand.

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