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Thank you for all who were able to attend the Gym Appreciation BBQ and witness the special award that was presented last night.  For those who could not be here, please know you are in our thanks, as well!

We have been a CrossFit affiliate for 7+ years and 3
locations!  WOW!  So many people have influenced, encouraged, and supported this journey.  We thank each and every person who has been a part of it across those years.  All of you are part of the fabric of this affiliate and all that it is today. 

Special recognition goes out to Tara and Isabelle for being our longest standing athletes, hanging with us through thick and thin since the Garage of Pain days!  Keira also knows those early days and many of the ones in between, having grown up enduring her mom carrying her in to sleep on a chair in the early dawn hours at the old gym, until she was too heavy!

As a CrossFit athlete and affiliate owner, CrossFit has fundamentally changed my life and has afforded me a life I love and I feel privileged that I get to touch and change lives every day, as a result. 

We certainly could not have done it without all the support and belief in us that we have been given by so many, and we definitely could not do it without our team of trainers who must be commended many times over for dedicating so much of their time to this place.  Every one of them have full-time jobs and school outside of this place, and yet they always manage to be here to teach and lead, provoke and inspire all of you to find what you have inside of you, to push the margins of your experience, to reach new heights.  They do this because of their passion for CrossFit and what they see it does for you.  YOU all inspire all of us to continue to be better. 


The trainers have been looking for a way to give special
recognition to exemplary dedication and change as a result of that
dedication.  Scott came up with the idea of honoring that hard effort
with the Crimson Cloak award.  The first ones were given last night, recognizing an adult and young athlete.

The Story of the Crimson Cloak and our honorary award:

Roughly 2500 years ago, the most feared and respected warriors in the
Mediterranean were the Spartans. Young Spartans were raised communally,
under gruelling conditions, with little support or encouragement. They
were expected to commit themselves entirely to their training, and to
forge themselves into the best warriors they could be. Spartans trained
for years without reward, until they were judged ready to be mature
warriors. After years of toil, frustration, and repetition, Spartan
warriors were allowed to wear a crimson cloak. The cloak was a badge of
status – proclaiming to all that here was someone capable of hard work,
someone familiar with sacrifice, someone who showed total commitment.
The crimson cloak was worn only by those who had earned it. It was
forbidden to all others on penalty of death.

At CrossFit
Flagstaff, we have decided to recognize those who have shown an
exceptional level of commitment with a crimson sweatshirt. It will never
be for sale. It will never be worn by the uninitiated. It is a badge of
honor to be worn only by those who commit themselves to an arduous
personal goal, then put forth the effort and endure the sacrifices
necessary to attain that goal. It is also a reminder of responsibility.
The front shows the logo of a warrior and his shield. The warrior's
shield protected the man to his left, and the mature warrior recognized
his responsibility to protect those around him. The crimson sweatshirt
also carries responsibility. As a mature athlete who has faced down
personal demons and accomplished significant work, you have the
responsibility to guide and encourage others on their quests. The
crimson sweatshirt declares to all that you are a mature athlete – a
warrior in our gym – and you have accomplished something great.


Molly Wilson and Mia were natural and unanimous choices for this award.
Mia was one of our very first athletes to attend the CrossFit Kids classes and she has been so dedicated and consistent over these past 5 years.  She has made CrossFit her sport and has excelled at it with many accomplishments seen both in the walls of the gym (recently squatted 100#'s!!!) and outside the gym.  We also thank her family for all their support, tirelessly bringing her to the gym for her classes and instruction!  Congratulations, Mia and thank you so much for all your beautiful heart and attitude and loyalty!
Molly's courage and heart have brought her through many fears, self-doubts, and
challenges to the other side where she is now able to look back and see
all that she has accomplished, all the she is capable of – and walks
into the gym with a confidence and fire in her eyes that makes us all
incredibly proud. She has earned that through hard work, dedication,
and the heart of a lioness. It was an honor tonight to award Molly this
badge and she already stands behind in all the inspiration and
encouragement she gives to SO MANY others at the gym.

Thank you, Molly and Mia. Thank you for being part of us. Thank you for all that you bring to our lives. We are enriched.


  1. Congratulations on 7 plus years, Lisa and Mike and CrossFit Flagstaff!

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