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Exclusive: Poster For The Documentary 'The Perfect Human Diet'

by Kevin Jagernauth, The Playlist

It's the holidays, which means over the next few weeks it's going to be a
veritable orgy of feasting at work parties, family get togethers and
more, as turkey, chocolate, stuffing, sweets and candy cane ice cream will
all be devoured between now and New Year's Eve. But at some point on
January 1st we'll awaken, probably hungover, look in the mirror, and
wonder where on Earth that spare tire came from and why our pajama
bottoms are suddenly tighter. Eating is part of our culture, and sadly,
obesity is becoming a part of that as well, but one documentary proposes
to have the answer.

"The Perfect Human Diet" brings together scientists
and researchers in archaeological science, paleo and forensic
anthropology, nutrition and metabolism, biomolecular archaeology, and
much more to look at the history of the human diet and try and parse out
what we should ideally be eating to maximize our health and well being.
And in this exclusive poster for the film, it's pretty clear where that
argument lies.

See if you agree when "The Perfect Human Diet" goes VOD on December 21st. 

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