Back Squats

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For Max Load-
Back Squats
rep sets
Increase weight each set, rest as needed between sets.

Back Squat/Ring Dip WOD video.  Good example of back squat form in movement.

Welcome back, Kyle!  Congratulations on your twin baby girls, Madison and Haley! And a new PR in your back squat today!  Lots of accomplishments goin’ on here!

Cody! Nice to have you back, and awesome work on your 1st back squats tonight! Kick some football butt this season!
Chloe got a big PR on her back squat tonight!  Gettin’ STRONG, Girl!
Katie, congratulations on your Imogene Pass Run on Saturday AND on your first triathlon last month!  Very inspiring.  We are really proud of you! The Imogene Pass Run (IPR) is a 17.1 mile point-to-point mountain race within
the western San Juan mountains of Colorado, run along a route which connects the
towns of Ouray (7810 ft.) and Telluride (8820 ft.) by way of 13,120 foot Imogene
Pass.  Katie ran this on Saturday and then returned to CrossFit for heavy back squats!  Damn, Girl!


  1. You guys are amazing!! Great to see you back Kyle (beautiful girls by the way). And Katie….awesome accomplishments!! You guys should come at 530am so we can hang out again!! 😉

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