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They said don’t drink the water at the gym…
IMG_9425And they were right!
We now have 12 new parents and counting!

IMG_9153Here is just a few of our new and upcoming mommies and daddies…and future CrossFitters!

IMG_9163 IMG_9165
Congratulations to all of you, and all those who couldn’t make it for the photo shoot!
(not shown: Ben and Sarah Withey, Jim and Angie Hayes, Drew Baecker, Brenda Gene, Debbie Huntzinger)


As of today, this photo has already changed!  We congratulate Craig and Nikki on their new baby boy, Ashkii Phillip Ahrens.  He was born early this morning in a smooth delivery – a chubby, 9 lb. gift from the fertile drinking fountain!
nikkibaby ashkii2 ashkii3

And we also get to welcome to the world Miss Quinn Olivia Baecker. Born 3-6-14 at 10:59am. 7lbs 3oz – another beautiful gift from the fertile drinking fountain!
drew DrewBaby
Congratulations, Drew!!!

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