Kids Class Cancelled – Thursday, July 9

There will NOT be a CrossFit Kids Class on Thursday, July 9. Kids classes will resume as scheduled on Tuesday, July 14.


CrossFit Benchmark WOD – "Eva"IMG_3368

5 Rounds for Time:

  Eva by CrossFit LA …[wmv][mov]

IMG_3359 IMG_3339 IMG_3354

10k Trail Run


For Time:

  • 10k Trail Run
Great Basin Qualifier Highlights…[wmv] [mov]


IMG_3246 IMG_3256 IMG_3259 IMG_3261 IMG_3273 IMG_3264 IMG_3251

CrossFit Total

WOD IMG_3242 CrossFit Total

Best of 3 separate attempts for a 1 rep max of each exercise.
  • Back Squat
  • Shoulder Press 
  • Deadlift 

Compare to June 2009

Congratulations on all the new PR's today. Nice Work!!
IMG_3149 IMG_3182 IMG_3232 IMG_3238 IMG_3198 IMG_3179

2007 CrossFit Games Hopper WOD

2007 CrossFit Games Hopper WOD (video)

For Time:IMG_3143
1000m Row

5 Rounds of:



Monday’s Partner Workout

IMG_2538IMG_2486IMG_2501IMG_2489IMG_2484 IMG_2504IMG_2521IMG_2514Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff, Gabe

IMG_2534 IMG_2536

Welcome Back, Katie B.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Buy In:IMG_2475

  • 15 Pushups
  • 15 Ring Rows 
  • 15 Wall Squats 
  • 800m Run 


  • 20 Tire Flips
  • 25 Ring Pushups 
  • 50 Pullups 
  • 25 Ring Pushups 
  • 20 Tire Flips 

Cash Out:

  • 25 GHD Situps
  • 25 Back Extensions 


IMG_2464 IMG_2458 IMG_2474 IMG_2467 IMG_2461  

Cullen’s Saturday Crew

Buy In:IMG_2455

   3 Rounds for Time:

Cash Out:

IMG_2418 IMG_2448 IMG_2397 IMG_2416 IMG_2405 IMG_2398IMG_2400

   Welcome back, John.

IMG_2441 IMG_2411
Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff, Ron.

Trail Run

YosemiteRun Buy In:

2x Max Pushups

  • 5k Trail Run

(McMillan Mesa Trail to Buffalo Park, run half of the Buffalo Park Loop and run back to start) 

IMG_2315 IMG_2316
Run, Hike, Climb, Clean rocks, Squat outside, or Ride (maybe a Bier Bike?). Try something new, push yourself on something old and see if you've improved!
P1000114 P1000192P1000246 YosemiteCleans P1000248 P1000258 P1000154 P1000313
Faces in the photos:  Saul Jiminez, Mad Dawg Fitness, Susan Robinson, Fitness Beyond the Box.

Clean and Jerk Ladder

Buy In:IMG_2209

Back Squat
 5 – 5 – 5

WOD: Clean and Jerk Ladder
    1 Clean & Jerk (60k M/40k W) the 1st Minute,
    2 Clean & Jerk the 2nd Minute,
    3 Clean & Jerk the 3rd Minute, etc. 
    Continue as long as you are able. 

IMG_2148 IMG_2166 IMG_2073 IMG_2074 IMG_2075 IMG_2077 IMG_2079 IMG_2158 IMG_2157
Sarah B. got her 1st kipping pullups today!! Congratulations, Sarah!!