April Free Saturday Teams!

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CF Dodge Ball

CrossFit WOD

Teams of 4, Accumulate Max Reps in 15 minutes from:

Station 1 -Run 250m                                                                               Compare to 2015
Station 2 -Box Jumps -20″
Station 3 -Pushups
Station 4 -Kettlebell Swings -1.5 pood M/1 pood W

The runner is the pace-setter.
One team member will be at each station, attempting to perform as many reps as possible while the runner is out.
Team members can only count reps while the pace-setter is performing the run.
As soon as the pace-setter has finished the run, everyone rotates to the next station.
Everyone resumes counting reps once the new-pace setter is in motion.

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CrossFit sprang from the belief that the best way to prepare for anything and everything is to not specialize and to increase your functional fitness comprehensively. CrossFit accomplishes this by gleaning the essential movements, skills and strengths required in sport and a wide variety of physical tasks and creating demanding WODs (Workouts Of the Day) that call on them all. The developer of CrossFit, Coach Greg Glassman, provided the following definition: Constantly Varied – Functional Movements at High Intensity + Communal Environment = Health & Fitness. In layman’s terms, you’ll work your butt off with some of the best people you’ll ever meet, working together at intense and varied workouts. We should add that not only is the whole process inspiring, fun, addicting and fulfilling, but the results are phenomenal!

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Some of the many movements and skills that are incorporated in CrossFit are running, rowing, biking, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, bodyweight exercises, rope climbs, jumping rope and plyometric work. Most CrossFit classes last an hour and follow the same structure, including a dynamic warm up, skill work focusing on a particular strength, followed by the Workout of the Day.

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We are a community of people empowering others to experience a life transformation through fitness.

Come join our great community!

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Community. Empowering. Transformation.

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Thank you to all who came for our Free Saturday Team event today!  We enjoyed having all of you visit!


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