Anything Is Possible, If You Train For It…

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Everything is Possible

We had the privilege of having some great videographers here at the Great Basin Regional Qualifiers for the 2009 CrossFit Games!  Here are a couple of the videos that have come out on our Regionals so far!  Look for the CrossFit Flagstaff athletes in them!


Clay Weldon made a highlight video of the overall event … [wmv] [mov]

Sevan Matossian made a video of the Women's Final Workout … [wmv] [mov]


  1. Forget CrossFit! I’m getting myself a giant beer mug and a yo-yo!

  2. There may be stronger and faster women out there but there was no tougher regional. Lisa, Hillary and Cyndi, you have a lot to be proud of, you’re already winners and all-stars in our books. Let the games begin.

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