Annie in Deficit

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Strength Focus 

Olympic Pause Squats
3 sets x 6 reps

Use high bar rack position and pause for 2 seconds in the hole of each squat.

CrossFit WOD

1. Deficit Deadlift
    Work up to a 3RM

IMG_3747Stand on 45# plates (maybe 45 +25 if you are short).  These can be done as sumo or traditional pulls.

2. “Annie”
50- 40- 30- 20 -10 rep rounds for time:

  • Double Unders
  • Abmat Situps

Compare to June 2012


Strong squat position in an upright posture with the high bar placement. Strong grip with bar rolled into traps, keeping wrists straight.


Max has moved to Flag and joined us from CF Solution (Phx)! Welcome!

  • If pulling a deadlift off the floor is the most challenging part:
  • Technique – create tension in legs, lower back AND lats
    before pulling, head up, push the ground away, try various foot
    positions, use flatter shoes
  • Strength – incorporate deficit deadlifts, band resisted deadlifts, GHRaises



Couples that CrossFit together…..Great to have you in the gym, Julianne and Chris!
                                                                 Welcome to your first class, Yael!


Sarah recently attended a Jump Rope clinic in Phoenix to learn new tips on getting Double Unders!  Great job doing what you need to do to work on your weaknesses, Sarah!

How To Be Successful At The Gym

 Written by Nichole DeHart, CrossFit Invictus

This post is geared towards those who are just starting out with a
new workout program, but veterans can take to heart the information as
well. It’s not uncommon for folks to start out with the best of
intentions. They sign up for the gym membership, buy workout gear, get
the cool, new, environmentally friendly water bottle, etc…but then fail
to execute their plan to utilize the gym. I understand, sometimes we
feel overwhelmed with work, travel or just daily stressors that hinder
our well-intended desires to be healthier.

Here are a few tips to make your transition into a healthier lifestyle smooth, sustainable and enjoyable:

*Be consistent. Write out a schedule at the
beginning of the week and schedule in your gym visit. It shouldn’t be,
“well, if I get out of work in time I will try and make the 6:30 pm
class.” Schedule your gym visit like you would any other appointment and
do everything you can to make that appointment.

*Scale the workout as needed. I occasionally
receive emails from people that say something like, “I was going to come
in but then I saw what the workout was and I didn’t think I could do it
so I skipped class.” Never find yourself with this mentality! We
coaches are here for a reason! We will help you scale the workout to
make it appropriate for your ability level. This is also why we offer
different programs, such as “Fitness” and “Performance.” You have the
option to decide which program you would like to follow, depending on
your goals.

*Come 5 minutes early, stay 5 minutes late. This is
an extra 10 minutes added to your gym experience but it will help you
make a ton of progress. Take these extra few minutes to work on your
mobility or any skill you are having trouble with. A more mobile body
will help you feel better in your workouts. Practicing a skill can help
you feel more confident in the group sessions. Take time to take care
of you.

*Make relationships. I think this is one of the most
important points to having a successful gym experience. These
friendships help keep you accountable – you are way more inclined to
make it to a session if you have friends and a coach expecting you to be
there. Your friends and coaches help make the session fun and will be a
source of encouragement. So, next time you are in a group session,
introduce yourself to someone new and start building those connections!

*Track your results. There is nothing as
unsatisfying as working towards a goal and not seeing progress. However,
for progress to be seen, there should be something measurable. Write
your workouts down, the weight used and how you felt. By keeping track
of your workouts, you can see how much you are improving. The more we
see ourselves progress, the more motivated we are to continue on the
path we have paved. You can read more about the benefits of keeping track of your workouts here.

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