An Old Favorite

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CrossFit Flagstaffers can once again thank CrossFit Eastside for this perennial favorite, a real burner for sure.  Here’s the link for the last time we did this.

Chloe moved so fast she was a blur.  Meanwhile Cullen checked out the new competition.  Steve is new to altitude and to CrossFit Flagstaff but has been CrossFitting for about 18 months. 





The 0530 crew put up some impressive numbers, too.


  1. Um…Mike?
    With those times we are taking away your handicap.

  2. Seriously, Cullen! Mike can no longer use that “injury” as any kind of excuse! You should see him milk it at home! (wink)
    Great numbers, all of you, and welcome to CrossFit 7000′, Steve!
    Bill, great to see you back after Fight Gone Bad. A true CrossFitter at heart, if you’re returning for more!

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