AC2 Weekend Class Schedule

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Friday -  all classes are the same except NO Strength Focus at 5:00.  Normal programmed CrossFit WOD will be offered at 5:00-6:00 as the last class of the day. Please be patient will all the competition prep hullabaloo that will be swirling around tomorrow evening!

Saturday – NO REGULAR CLASSES – AC2 athletes will be hitting it hard all day!  Come and watch, cheer, volunteer.  Be amazed and inspired!

Sunday – Back to normal schedule

MondayNormal class times with PHOTO/VIDEO Gym Highlights being taken throughout the day!

Third time's a charm!
our photographer, is sincerely sorry he had to cancel his photo shoot
with us last time, but he had a family emergency.  The good news is he
will be back this coming Monday, December 17th!  
Kids and Young Athletes – Please be at the gym at 4:30 pm, with an added class for you this week at 5:00 pm
Adults – 4:30 pm for some time-lapse photos on various exercises
Thanks to everyone for helping to make our new website a success!!!!

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