A workout from John Tuitele…we miss you!

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     400 M Run

3 rounds: 21-15-9 reps

Back Squat

Clean and Jerk


     400 M Run

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Kyle: 70K BS, 40KC&J, 60K DL – 33 Min

Isabelle: 50K BS, 30K C&J, 35K DL

Tara : 55K BS, 35K C&J, 45K DL


  1. Tara Paprocki says:

    Thanks for the idea John…we did a little “tweeking” because I can’t teach the snatch, so we did deadlifts instead. Let me know what you decided on for a name for the workout…We miss your antics, come visit soon!!

  2. Nice job with the tweeking. And completing the workout, crew.
    I like to call the workout FDR, because when you finish, you feel like you deserve to rule the free world, but you can’t walk.
    I’ll be back up for Thurs PM workouts in Feb – can’t wait.

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