4th of July CrossFit Flagstaff PARADE FLOAT

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CrossFit Flagstaff is going to be in the 4th of July parade on Saturday morning! 


CrossFit Flagstaff July 2014

We need YOU to join us on the float to show Flagstaff who we are and what amazing people we have as part of our community!

Please join us in the staging area at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning between Leroux and San Francisco on Fine.  Anyone who hasn’t already signed up will get a free CFF orange competitors t-shirt – so come and wear it proudly!


Here is a map of the parade route and where we will be waiting. Join us for coffee and hang out and be part of the parade rather than part of the crowd. It is a GREAT time and you’ll get a ride on the Reed CFF float! It really is not an opportunity you want to pass up!

AFTER the parade there are some great parties to attend and you’re invited!

1. At 1:00 until the wee hours, you are invited to Greg Caporaso’s house for a 4th of July party.
Here is his invitation:

Shelli and I are in our new place and are hoping you’ll come by to celebrate the 4th of July with us. We’re just off the parade route at 212 W Elm Ave, so we’ll start after the parade (around 1pm) and go into the night. Drop by whenever, for however long you like, and bring your family of course. Hope to see you there! 
You can find the details here:

2.  Beth and Ted Reed are hosting a 4th of July potluck at their home, starting at 4:00.  Give her a shout if you’re interested in joining us.  Let’s do a bunch of party hopping after flexing our muscles through the parade! Woooohoooo!  Get a bunch of CrossFitters together and you KNOW it’s going to be a good time.  Possibly pullup wars and squat offs…who knows!

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