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Cullen      7 out of 7 days of no sugar  -and perfectly Paleo!
Ali           7 out of 7 days of no sugar
Laura      7 out of 7 days of no sugar  -and no gluten or dairy!
Bill         no log given
Katie B.  6 out of 7 days of no sugar
Bruce     6 out of 7 days of no sugar
Katie L.  6 out of 7 days of no sugar
Donna    no log given
Izzy       6 out of 7 days of no sugar
Tara      7 out of 7 days of no sugar
Lauren  7 out of 7 days of no sugar   -and perfectly Paleo!
Holli     6 out of 7 days of no sugar
Robin    7 out of 7 days of no sugar
Eileen   7 out of 7 days of no sugar  -with a huge temptation, which she successfully avoided!



  1. Ok… so my weakness is definitely baked goods. I love them, and of course, have been craving them like crazy. So I started experimenting with recipes, cutting out the sugar(s). My first product was a modified-chocolate-chip-cookie… no sugars, just dates, agave nectar and carob chips to give it a cookie resemblance. Result: ok. My second product was super-power-muffins… a really jam- packed recipe. They came out pretty well. The main challenge is the crumblage- factor. I have been using only whole wheat/ oat flour/ almond meal/ wheat germade, etc. These things, in addition to no sugar, don’t hold together too well.
    Anyhoo- I want to see what you think, get suggestions, etc. I will bring some samples to the gym tomorrow; please try them! And send me your feedback: kteallan@hotmail.com. I can also send you the recipes if you want them. Let me know!

  2. http://www.proteinpower.com/drmd_blog/?p=268
    New Frontier’s looked at me like I was a complete idiot when I asked for some fine non-hydroginated, organic,
    high grade lard!!!
    Still looking,
    Ryan Heck
    (lard ass from the movie “Stand By Me”)

  3. Katie, I tasted your goods and was very excited. The muffins were sweet enough for my sweet tooth, and the cookies resembled cookies enough for me to want to sit down and eat 10 or so. If these are legal, I want the recipes! Great job!

  4. It’s still amazing to me that the jar of jelly is sitting on the shelf in the fridge, and hasn’t become the main object of my affection (with peanut butter of course), since January 4th. The box of zone bars are also kind of like the 8th wonder of the world. They are still there, unopened.
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but this month was just about eating the right KINDS of foods. I am sure I have not mixed them correctly and am still indulging some bad habits in the way I eat.
    Does anyone want to make Feb. the month to create better mixes?

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