2nd Annual Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Fundraiser

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CrossFit Flagstaff comes together with CrossFit Strong Medicine this year, to represent with the entire CrossFit community.  The goal for this fundraiser workout was to raise money for the Trevor Win’E Memorial Foundation, in order to provide cooling vests for the military stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We had outstanding performers and teams today!  Congratulations and thank you to all who came and participated in the day!  Strong work, also, to those not on teams who came and performed hard at "Angie" and "Murph"!

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Tara couldn’t do the workout with us today, so she participated with her fire crew out at Summit Fire Dept. today.  WOW!  

"Since we could not join you at the gym we decided to do our own version of the Memorial Day WOD.

In Full Turn Outs on Air
As many rounds in 15 minutes (or until air runs out) of:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
10 pike poles
15 squats

John Wesbrock and I rocked it…we vowed to do a workout each shift in full turnouts with packs for the next month."  -Tara



  1. Tara!
    I wondered what you were doing…
    I should have guessed it was something BAD ASS

  2. Tony B. of CrossFit HQ got me hooked on trying to figure out the Power production of individuals during workouts. Heidi did Linda today and we did the math.
    I’m just looking for someone to double check it. It is some serious output and I want to make sure it’s right.
    Anyone else interested in doing that for a few WOD’s?
    side note: she also beat me in Murph the other day! 51:00 – scaled to 52:something.
    We’re going to do it again this weekend. Rematch.

  3. Cullen, I can check your math whenever! I have a degree in exercise science and thats all we did in my labs! But, It has been awhile!!

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