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Core and Sunday Makeup


Medball GHD Situps

Hip/Back Extensions

Bar Rollouts

SItup to overhead press- 15# plate




Saturday FUN

Partner 1: 50/40 Cal Row

Partner 2: 50/40 Cal Row

As a team accumulate:

50 Toes to Bar

*One  partner works as the other hangs from the bar

50 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees


Not For Time

400m Farmer Carry 70/53






*On the 3:00

*the set of 2-3-4-5 should be heavier than the initial 5-4-3-2


Tank Accessory Work

30/30 DB Side bends

Compare to: May 22nd, 2018


Bat Wings

CrossFit WOD


12 min to establish a 1 rep max Shoulder Press


For reps:
2 Rounds:
2 min Max rep Strict pull-ups
1 min Rest
2 min Max rep Ring Push-ups
1 min Rest
2 min Max Double Kettlebell Front-rack Walk (53lbs/35lbs) 
Every 25 feet counts as a rep
1 min Rest




Masters of anything have inevitably overcome some form and some level of “suffering”.  It is those specific sorts of experiences that pull you out of your comfort zone and force you to really challenge your abilities and tolerances in a way that you can’t learn from in perfect and ideal situations.

WAY easier said than done, though, right?

It’s hard to suffer.

If it wasn’t hard, though, you wouldn’t come out stronger.  I know that sounds obvious and implied, but it’s the last thing you’re thinking when the person you are in love with breaks up with you, a family member finds out they have a terminal illness, someone close to you tragically and suddenly dies, you lose your job, you tear your ACL right before your Senior year in high school, or even something as regular and normal as you “having a bad day”.

I think it just takes a lot of practice in awareness: awareness in seeing other people suffering and seeing how they should be handling their situation, and an awareness in seeing yourself through your own suffering…and, being honest with yourself about how you’re handling it, both currently and in hind sight.

Because that level of awareness is what allows you to take advantage of a hard time in your life, and turn it into the very stimulus you need to become a better you. – Heather Bergeron

401K – or 400m Repeats!

CrossFit WOD

AMRAP 25 min:
Run 400 meters

*Rest the same amount of time that you ran.
*Leaderboard is total meters ran.  Break the 400m up into 100’s for logging if needed. For example, if you get 5 rounds + ran half of the next round your score is 2200.

Why aren’t you signed up for the 401K? I’d never be able to run that far…

When we maintain good body position—head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over the mid-foot upon landing and arms swinging directly ahead—we run with good form and use less energy to run faster.

Many runners spend a great deal of energy twisting their upper bodies, fighting the efforts of the lower body. Think of the zipper line on a jacket running down the center of your torso. If your hands cross that zipper line, the shoulders and the top half of the body usually follow the hands. The torque created from the waist up is energy that could be used to run faster.

Periodically, glance down at the position of your hands at the front part of your arm swing. If you see your thumb and forefinger, your hands are likely crossing the zipper line. A slight adjustment is all that’s needed. Hold your hands a little wider from your body, slightly wider than your hips. As your arm swings back, think about reaching into your back pocket. This extends your reach further in a straight line with less crossing over the zipper line.

When fatigued, our arm carriage changes and our body position often resembles the wings of a chicken—pulled up and close to the body. Our shoulders rise closer to our ears, as if we are shrugging and maintaining that shrug. Like a chicken, we can’t fly very well with our arms held tightly to the sides of our bodies. The result is a shorter arm swing and, consequently, a shorter stride. By taking more strides, we use more energy to cover the race distance.

Soreness in the lower neck and shoulders is the body’s first signal of running with chicken wings. When you feel this tension, check your form. Relax your shoulders by dropping your arms to your side and shaking out your hands for 50 to 100 meters. This simple action will relieve the stress in your neck and shoulders. You can then slowly bring your arms back to a normal position and refocus on a relaxed arm swing.

Skill Work

EMOM for 7 min:
Wall Walk + (0:05 – 0:30) Handstand hold based on ability

* Toes only touching wall, focus on pushing tall through the shoulders and keeping a straight body position.

CrossFit Flagstaff Kids Program Survey and Updates

Thank you to all who came to the meeting last night and assisted us in paving a new path for our CrossFit Kids program!  We appreciate your time and input!

Here are the updates on the details we nailed down.  Additionally, there is a survey to get a sense of what days of the week would be most well attended this coming semester.  Please fill out the survey and let us know you’d put your kids in our program!  Also, please send the email and survey to any who you know outside of CrossFit Flagstaff who would put their kids in.  If they need a test-run, they can bring their kids to our classes for free for 2 weeks!!!

CrossFit Kids Meeting Cliff Notes and Survey Request



Please take 1 minute out of your day to provide feedback on the CrossFit Kids Program. Click the link below to access a short survey.  How can you say no to the puppy? Seriously!

Cliff Notes if you missed the meeting last night:

Change in dues structure and cost

  • CFK Semester Pass (August 13-December 21) for $280
  • $80/month for CFK ($65 for a 2nd sibling)
  • $100/mo for YA ($85 2nd sibling)
  • YA Semester Pass $360
  • CrossFit Kids Drop-in $15

Class schedule according to separate age ranges

  • CFK ages 5-7                       TBD  (please fill out the survey below)
  • CF Pre-Teen ages 8-12        TBD  (please fill out the survey below)
  • CF YA ages 13-18.  M, Tu, W, Th at 5:00

New trainer introduction 

Interning through July and early August, teaching as of August 13

  • Geri
  • Katie G

Danny will continue as the CFK program director.  All billing, scheduling, and program concerns can be addressed through him.

New kids programming from Train For the Win (TFW)

  • Set up on the semester schedule from Aug 13 – December 21 
  • 2 days a week TFW, 1 day a week from trainers and/or Kids IG

CrossFit Kids Referral Program 

  • 2 weeks free to any interested athlete wanting to try out the program
Thank you all for your time and we look forward to discussing more with you!

– CrossFit Flagstaff Kids Trainers

Swing and Jump


30 Kettlebell Swings 70#/55#

30 Wall Ball 20#/14#






Core and Makeup


5 Rounds

30/21 Cal Ski Erg

:45 D Ball/Stone/Sandbag hold at belly level





                         When you realized Wendler is Back Squat not Front Squat

                     For anyone that is interested in learning more about the Ski Erg


Partner FUN

5 Rounds

Partner 1:

14 Split Jerks (125/85)

14 Plate Overhead Jumping Lunges (35/25)


Partner 2:

14 Split Jerks (125/85)

14 Plate Overhead Jumping Lunges (35/25)

*Alternating lead foot each split jerk



                                                           Emphasis on FUN!



For Time:

1 Mile Run

Then 3 Rounds:

30 Burpees

4 Power Cleans (155/105)

6 Front Squats (155/105)

1 Mile Run

(Option of wearing a vest if your mile time is under 10:00)