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Make Up Thursday


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5K Run

Run 5KIMG_3010 IMG_3007

Compare to February 2016 June 2015

Strength: 1 rep max strict press




IMG_3001 IMG_3002 IMG_3000 IMG_2978

IMG_2981 IMG_2985

IMG_2995 IMG_2997

Know someone that is interested in trying out CrossFit? Let them know about our Foundations class that meets 4 nights a week at 6pm!

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21-15-9 Deadlift – Overhead Squat

work to a heavy OHS in 12 minutes

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlifts – 225-lb./155-lb.
Overhead squats – 135-lb./95-lb.

Compare to:  August  2013  November 2010 

IMG_2953 IMG_2952

21-15-9 Push – Pull

SkillIMG_2948 IMG_2949
Wendler Back Squat de-load

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Parallette handstand push-ups
Bar muscle-ups

Strength Focus: EMOM 12

2 Squat Snatches – Climbing

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Hard Goodbyes…

This weekend we had to say good bye to Zane who is leaving Flagstaff for a new job flying a private Jet in Phoenix. Holly Braun is also moving to the Valley to start a new chapter in Life.

Zane Holly group

You will both be missed and hope you can come back often to visit since you will be just down the hill!

PR C&J Lwaggs Lindsay

Lindsay will also be leaving for a job at The University of Chicago on July 3rd.

Two gathering will occur this week and we hope that you can come to one or the other.

Pot Luck on Thursday June 30th at 6:30 pm

Come to the gym and bring a dish to share, hang out, tell stories and reminisce about all of the crazy “Lindsay-isims” you can remember.

Sat. July 2nd BRKFSTCLB WOD at 7:00am followed by

Breakfast Pot Luck and Bloody Mary’s

Any one is welcome to come to the 7am WOD. We will then gather at Julie’s new house for a breakfast pot luck. Please bring a breakfast dish to share and a camp chair.

Julie’s address is 800 S. Ash Lane (off of Herald Ranch Road) we will gather there around 8:45/9:00 am

June Free Saturday

4 rounds IMG_2820
20 Partner squat chest pass with Wall Ball 20#/14#
20 Kettlebell swings 1.5 pood
20 Cleans 95#/65#
20 Partner Slam Balls back to back hand off at top 20#
20 Box Jump Overs 24″/20″
20 Pistols

If you do Kettle bell swing other partner does cleans. If you do Box Jump Overs partner does pistols, then switch for next round.

IMG_2750 IMG_2749IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2747 IMG_2752 IMG_2755 IMG_2754 IMG_2740 IMG_2762 IMG_2756 IMG_2768 IMG_2766 IMG_2774 IMG_2760 IMG_2765 IMG_2778 IMG_2776 IMG_2775

Thank you to all of our athletes for bringing your friends and family and making June Free Saturday a great success!!

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10K Run

10K Run – 8K Run – or 5K RunIMG_2733 IMG_2735

Strength Focus:

2-position clean + jerk: 10 rounds – Every 2 minutes, complete:

-1x hang clean + 1x clean + 1x split jerk (Work up to a max 1+ 1+1 for the day, but keep it crisp and goal is no misses. They do not need to be touch and go, so if you’d like to reset after the hang clean, feel free and the jerk is only after the second clean)

Why a 10K WOD?

From CrossFit Journal Issue 64 Dec. 2007

So why should you run 10K?
If you have adopted the CrossFit philosophy, I imagine
you would agree that covering considerable distances is
a functional movement. We evolved tracking animals,
gathering food, migrating with the seasons, etc., so
covering distances like 10K are part of our genetic

Zane 10K Jimena 10K

Jo Lindsay 10K

IMG_2724 IMG_2732

… if you just do short interval work to
improve VO2 max and then have to run (or even hike
with heavy gear) quite a distance, your body will hate the
pounding it takes. Just as your body adapts to strength
training and progressive overload, it also adapts to the
mechanical stress of thousands of foot strikes. Trust me:
you may be able to easily handle a 200-pound push jerk
and, yes, the contact force will be much higher than of
any individual footstrike when running, but if you duck
all the runs and then have to cover a lot of distance, it’ll
hurt big time and may even injure you. That’s a big chink
in your fitness armor.

Thursday 6/23/2016

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IMG_2717 IMG_2691 IMG_2692 IMG_2710 IMG_2697


Skill: EMOM 10- 3 back squats at 90-95% body weightIMG_2690

WOD:   For time:
50-lb./35-lb.* single arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps
100 GHD sit-ups
100 hip extensions
50-lb./35-lb.* single arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps

Strength Focus:

3xDB snatch each hand

IMG_2688 IMG_2673

Scale A:
For time:
25-lb./15-lb.* single arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps
75 AbMat sit-ups
75 good mornings
25-lb./15-lb.* single arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps

IMG_2656 IMG_2654 IMG_2650

Scale B:
For time:
35-lb./25-lb.* single arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps
75 GHD sit-ups to parallel
75 hip extensions
35-lb./25-lb.* single arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 50 steps



AMRAP in 10 minutes

Partner A: Max Rep Dealifts

Partner B: 100m Farmer Carry

IMG_2621 IMG_2620 IMG_2619 IMG_2632