2016 Regional Event 5

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CrossFit WOD – IMG_1514
2016 Regional Event 5
3 rounds for time of:
     400-meter run
     40 GHD sit-ups
     7 deadlifts
Men use 405 lb., women use 275 lb.

Strength WOD – 

A. Push Press + Push Jerk+ Push Jerk-
Build to a tough complex in 12 Minutes

B. Weighted Chin-Ups-
4 x 4-6, 20×1, R 60-90s

IMG_1407 IMG_1438
Class started with 15 minutes to establish a 1-rep back squat to be used as the baseline for a wendler cycle.

IMG_1432 IMG_1418 IMG_1416 IMG_1426 IMG_1408
IMG_1477 IMG_1453 IMG_1457 IMG_1437
Don’t Forget…Yoga is offered at noon on Fridays! 

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