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Happy Halloween!!

IMG_6290The gym WOD came today as “Popeye”

10 Rounds:
200 Meter Row
5 Strict Pull-Ups

Many others dressed up too!  Great costumes, everyone!  Thank you for bringing your fun spirit to the gym today!

IMG_6229 IMG_6287 IMG_6278IMG_6284 IMG_6242
Such great support, Tyler! Love having you here, an active and encouraging part of our community!
This one wins the prize! Great job nailing Lindsay to a T, Dana!

IMG_6256 IMG_6254 IMG_6248IMG_6266IMG_6271 IMG_6268 IMG_6250IMG_6193IMG_6225 IMG_6224IMG_6196 IMG_6194 IMG_6199IMG_6202IMG_6203 IMG_6276 IMG_6270IMG_6261 IMG_6259 IMG_6245



Flagstaff Halloween events to partake in:

#1 Halloween Harvest – Downtown Flagstaff

Halloween Harvest is one of the best places to go trick-or-treating. It was voted 2009’s “Most Outstanding Community Event” by the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association because it’s fun, it’s safe and super entertaining for all ages. Even if you are not of trick-or-treating age anymore, go have dinner or a drink downtown and enjoy the view of little princesses and zombies walk by.

Festivities include the following:

  • Phantom Pumpkin Patch
  • Creepy Carnival Games
  • Chilling Crafts
  • Freaky Fashion Show
  • Twisted Trick or Treat Trail
  • Spooky Music

Children should bring their Halloween bags and visit local businesses for candy on our downtown Twisted Trick or Treat Trail.

#2 Haunted Flagstaff Walking Tour

Did you know that Flagstaff is one of Arizona’s most haunted areas? There are legends of bank robbers who didn’t make out of here alive, saloon ladies of the night being murdered, interesting hotel guests who are yet to check out, among many other tales still being told because, well, paranormal things keep happening in locations throughout the town. Seasonal guided tours of the haunted buildings in historic downtown depart from the Flagstaff Visitor Center, by reservation.

#3 Viola’s Haunted Garden

Don’t be fooled by Viola’s beautiful flower garden as there’s something not quite right growing there as well. They say it’g fear. ,This Flagstaff haunted house has over thirty actors who can’t wait to terrify you. Every October, Viola’s Flower Garden transforms into Viola’s Haunted Garden, a premier spot for Halloween fun. You will find a variety of seasonal events, from the family-friendly Kids Carnival, to the terrifying Fear Garden haunted house. And of course, their yearly Pumpkin Patch!

#4 Pumpkins in the Pines at Hitchin’ Post Stables

Take a hay ride with your family and friends into the pines followed by some pumpkin carving or even a visit to the petting zoo. Enjoy beverages and food out in some beautiful country off Lake Mary Rd. Other activities include a hay maze, pony ring and more!

#5 Pumpkin Patch Train – Grand Canyon Railway

Kids and parents! Dress up in your awesome Halloween costumes and catch the train to the great pumpkin event. The Grand Canyon Railway is taking you on a fairytale ride through the countryside to a secret pumpkin patch that can only be found by riding this train! (Think Hogwarts, so perhaps a flying car would work as well.) Pick a special pumpkin of your choosing and then be sure to decorate it when you arrive back at the Grand Canyon Railway Depot in Williams. There will also be a free, walk-through Haunted Train Car, a hay bale maze, and pumpkin arts and crafts at the Williams Depot.

“Dune Buggy”

“Dune Buggy”IMG_6186 IMG_6187
5 Rounds:
5 Unbroken Strict Presses
15 Calorie Row
25 Ab-Mat Situps
Rest 1:00 between rounds.

Strength Focus: Find a 1RM Push Jerk


IMG_6164 IMG_6168

The Millers practicing their screams and scary faces for Halloween! Or…maybe that is just how they feel about rowing?

IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6174 IMG_6176 IMG_6182

IMG_6169 IMG_6170

Run Flagstaff’s

“Run For Your Life Haunted Trail Run”

was tons of fun too!

SJ H KTL Jim Laurie reed family run


Run for your life 1 Run for your life 2 Run for your life 3


CFF banner


Make Up Thursday and CORE

IMG_6159 IMG_6160

Squats and Black & Blue   “Cindy”   Deadlifts


Today’s CORE work out programmed by Ian was great! Nice variety and a solid mid-line hit!

IMG_6107 IMG_6110 IMG_6122_2 IMG_6129 IMG_6131

Halloween 2015!


The fun of Halloween is here!  We have 2 events we want you to be part of!

  1.  runforyourlife-logo-291x300Run For Your Life with Run Flagstaff – Friday night, October 30thWe are a sponsor of this race, which means we get to set up a station along the course and scare people!  We need a team who wants to be part of the set up and execution of our station.  Come out to the fairgrounds at 4:00 tomorrow and  be part of the CFF SCARE STATION.  Otherwise, we want runners representing!  Please register before noon tomorrow!  We were just given 5 free reg passes for those who haven’t signed up yet!  Here’s the link:
    Every year the gym dresses up in their costumes for their workout on Halloween!  Bring the spirit to the gym and show off your costumes!  All the trainers will be there too…see if you can guess who is who!  If you need some inspiration, look at some of our past years’ creativity:

Halloween1 Halloween26a00d834521e7369e2017ee4a30d86970d-150wi 6a00d834521e7369e2017c32fef63b970b-150wi 6a00d834521e7369e2017d3d2d6e35970c-150wi 6a00d834521e7369e20154368c3135970c-150wi

EMOM, Followed by 21-15-9





CrossFit WOD – IMG_6102

A 3RM is often around 85-87% of 1RM.  On your 2nd set of 3 today, aim for the heavy 3 you got to on Oct 2nd or Oct 19th

Calculate a 1RM from the 3rd set of 3 today to give yourself a goal for either your 2nd to last or last rep of 1

Good Article on Max Lift DefinitionIMG_6104


Strength Focus –
Yoke carry 50′
5 x 50′ carry (on shoulders) increase weight each carry.

IMG_6033 IMG_6037 IMG_6036 IMG_6044 IMG_6048 IMG_6060 IMG_6058 IMG_6069 IMG_6068

New Little Beasts joining the Kids Class


Welcome Beau and Kalia to CrossFit Kids Class!!!!

IMG_6014 IMG_6010 IMG_5997 IMG_5995 IMG_5993



Benchmark WOD “Cindy”IMG_6031

20 Minute AMRAP:

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

Take a look at all of the new PR’s and click through the links to old white board results!

Compare to:  January 2014   January 2013 February 2013 

IMG_5965 IMG_5924 IMG_5940IMG_5987IMG_5955IMG_5990IMG_5991IMG_5962IMG_5967IMG_6026

Understanding Benchmark Workouts

CrossFit Journal

Black and Blue

CrossFit WOD – IMG_5911
1)  Back Squats
          4 sets of 10 reps, climbing

2)  “Black and Blue”
       5 Rounds
           10 Power Cleans – M 135 lbs. / W 95 lbs.
           10 Burpees

IMG_5910Compare to: August 2014
Strength WOD – 
1)  Weighted Strict Pullups – find a max weight for set of 3 

2)  Weighted Pushups – find a max weight for set of 3


IMG_5791 IMG_5840 IMG_5838
Leah dropped in for a class this evening!  Happy Birthday, SJ!

IMG_5818 IMG_5816 IMG_5815
IMG_5888 IMG_5865 IMG_5826 IMG_5802 IMG_5824 IMG_5885 IMG_5871 IMG_5870
Great Job on all the PR’s Today! You all did an amazing job pushing each other!

Welcome Calton to CrossFit Young Athletes

15 to 20 minute AMRAP

Teams of 2

200m Run (Run together)

5 Push-ups

10 Sit-ups

15 Wall-Ball

IMG_5857 IMG_5854 IMG_5853 IMG_5851 IMG_5847