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CrossFit Kids 3/31/2015

Warm up:

400m Skill run

Skill work:

Press to the Sjy


AMRAP in 6 minutes

3 Pull ups or 4 Monkey Hangs

6 Shoulder press

8 Mountain climbers (16 Total)


Fish Game on the Rower

IMG_2893 IMG_2894 IMG_2895

“Step Brothers”

10 Min EMOM IMG_2914

1 Squat Clean at 75-80% of 1RM


“Step Brothers”
2 Power Cleans (135/95)
25 Double Unders
4 Power Cleans
25 Double Unders
6 Power Cleans
25 Double Unders
*Continue to go up by 2 Power Cleans

IMG_2904 IMG_2906

IMG_2908 IMG_2909


CrossFit WOD – 

Bench mark WOD “Lynn”
5 Rounds for IMG_2875max reps
Body Weight Bench Press
Pull Ups

Note: if you don’t have a BW bench, do a weight you can manage 3-5 reps of.


CrossFit Young Athletes – 3/30/2015

IMG_2840 IMG_2838 IMG_2846Look who’s Back!!

CrossFit Lessons From a Veteran Coach – Cherie Chan

I was reading Box Life Magazine the other day and came across a short article with some great reminders. Newbie or veteran CrossFitter there are some things to think about for your own training and your journey to a better you.

Excerpts from  the article “Lessons From a Veteran Coach – Cherie Chan” in  Box Life Magazine by  Dr. Noah Dean

1. Pain is Necessary. I get it, pain sucks, but there is ‘good pain’ and it’s necessary for progress. If you want results, you have to take yourself to a very dark place and go there often. Getting better isn’t about the volume of training but the quality of that training and the level of intensity you are willing to reach.

IMG_2630 IMG_2631

2. Mechanics are Essential. If you’re not working towards achieving quality movement, you’re going to reach a plateau. I’ve seen this more often than I care to recount: an athlete has fast times but moves with out virtuosity. It can suck to slow down and clean up your mechanics, but it’s the only way to improve your performance and mitigate risk for the long haul. You can do this any way you choose, but start trying with ten minutes of mechanical/skill work three times a week. It will be 30 minutes a week well spent.

IMG_1923 IMG_1922

3. Don’t Turn Every Work Out into a Competition. I am not saying not to train your hardest, but if every day is a competition, you’re going to burn out quickly (physically and mentally). No athlete competes five to six days a week for 52 weeks a year and neither should you. Your worth is not equal to your Fran time on any given day. Your fellow athletes will respect you much more for your work ethic and your positive attitude than they will for your numbers. Know what you are capable of and try to push those limits. Listen to your body and realize every action has a cumulative effect on your day to day performance.

4. CrossFit Programming is Equal Parts Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Monostructural Movements. Having a program that favors one aspect over another will bite you in the butt at some point. I see monostructural (cardio) movements overlooked the most, e.g. running, rowing, swimming, biking etc. If you eliminate these in favor of say, weightlifting, your program will be biased and you are potentially decreasing your overall fitness. Many times this gets justified with “but strength is my weakness”. That might be the case, but unless you have a sub-six minute mile and ten plus strict muscle -ups (only examples), maybe overall fitness is the weakness that needs to be addressed. You will progress inall three by doing all three.

IMG_6975 IMG_2182 IMG_6601

5. Keep a Logbook. Keeping a logbook is Important for training optimally with the right loads, reps and times, but it is also amazing for motivation. When in boubt of your performance gains, it’s wonderfully uplifting to look back at how far you’ve come. For example, in 2007, my 30 muscle-ups for time was 45:58 (120 pull-ups and assisted dips). In 2014, it was 9:11 Rx’d. Even if Joe CrossFit does it in five minutes, how can I be upset with my time when I compare it to my previous performance seven years ago?

log book

6. Be Realistic With What You Can and Should Do. If you keep a log book this is exponentially easier to do.Develop at a pace that is appropriate for you, not the people next to you and certainly not athletes at the Games. If an athlete wanted to trai for the Leadville 100 (100 miles of running), would you have them run 100 miles on their first day?  It seems silly when you put it like that, so why wold you expect peak performance when you start a CrossFit program? So you’ve only ever done 20 pull-ups? Let’s progress to 40 for the next go, not 100 or more. Going from 0-60 with out appropriately managing your capacity is a recipe for burning out and/or injury. Be realistic about what you can do and put your effort into improving your current capabilities. You’ll see gains quicker than those that take their ego onto the gym floor with them.

7. What Happens in the Kitchen Affects Your Results. Eating clean is hard and it takes a lot of planning in the beginning. Depending on your eating habits, it can be miserable (but hang in there- it won’t always be.) With that said, what you eat can have a far bigger effect on your performance that the workouts you perform during the week. Make nutrition a priority and you will experience superhero gains. Eat real food and figure out precisely how much you need to eat per day. Real foods are foods with no ingredients (no exceptions). What are the ingredients of an apple? An apple. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule. Eat real food 80% of the time and get 80% of the results. That’s not bad and will be good enough to see improvements. Adjust that percentage to meet your goals.

meat veggies


8. Rest Often and Sleep More. Not improving as you expected to? Feeling tired and run down? Create a rest and sleep schedule, put it on a calendar and set an alarm reminder. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much your fitness improves when you give yourself the rest and sleep you need to repair and grow.

9. Work Out with Somebody or as Part of a Group. Nothing will suck the life out of your motivation more than spending hours upon hours training by yourself. After competing in the 2011 CrossFit Games, I was determined to go back in 2012. I hired a coach to give me specific programming to address my weaknesses. While the programming was great, it drained the joy out of the process and, in turn, greatly affected my motivation. I’ve seen this happen to many athletes. The intensity and fun you get out of training with a group will far outweigh any training benefits you’ll get from fancy program design.

IMG_2618 IMG_5630

10. Apply Your Fitness to Activities Outside the Gym. Get outside and use your fitness in other activities. Try something new or a hobby you once loved but fell away from over time. Variety is the spice of life. The CrossFit program and community are great- preserve them by not smothering yourself in them 24/7. Once a week vow to add a different activity to your day. You’ll see that it will translate into a happier spirit and bigger gains once you get back to the gym.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

Make Up Sunday


15.5 Open WOD, Chelsey’s Going Away WOD or Skills and Stuff

IMG_2730 IMG_2732 IMG_2735 IMG_2753 IMG_2728 IMG_2737 IMG_2741 IMG_2754

Free Saturday



Chelsey’s Going Away WOD

Teams of 2 (or 3 to 4)

15 minute AMRAP:

– 9 Sandbag Squat Cleans

– 11 Tire Flip + Jump Through

– 6 Tire Push Ups

– 250m Run

(Runner sets the pace while the non runner completes AMRAP)

 IMG_2649IMG_2650IMG_2669IMG_2647 IMG_2648IMG_2677   IMG_2651 IMG_2652IMG_2645 IMG_2657 IMG_2671IMG_2660

CrossFit Kids and Young Athletes – 3/28/2015

Welcome to Free Saturday at CrossFit Flagstaff

Group Warmup Drills

WOD – 
CrossFit Baseball!!

Game – 
CrossFit Dodgeball

IMG_2663 IMG_2679 IMG_2682 IMG_2686 IMG_2685 IMG_2683 IMG_2680 IMG_2687 IMG_2689 IMG_2691 IMG_2688 IMG_2684

CrossFit Open WOD 15.5

CrossFit Open WOD 15.5IMG_2634 IMG_2640

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)

M 95 lb.  F 65 lb.


 IMG_2601 IMG_2627 IMG_2594 IMG_2632 IMG_2621 IMG_2633IMG_2618IMG_2610 IMG_2612 IMG_2626IMG_2602 IMG_2625 IMG_2596


Make Up Thursday 3/26/2015

IMG_2580IMG_2525  IMG_2531 IMG_2532 IMG_2537 IMG_2564 IMG_2527