2015 Flagstaff Terrain Mud Run

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CrossFit Flagstaff had a GREAT Turn Out for the 2015 Terrain Race at Fort Tuthill. If you missed out this year be sure to get in on the 5K or 10K option next year it was a BLAST!


DSCF4739 DSCF4746

Compare the two before photos, can you figure out who is not present in both? It’s like herding cats with this group, so ONE photo with EVERYONE was nearly impossible. 😉


Before our wave started at 10:15 we saw Steve and Marissa Fuller come over the Rope Ladder Wall! And we were all a little hesitant to jump into the cold mucky “pool” they called the start line!

DSCF4751 DSCF4752 DSCF4753 DSCF4758 DSCF4759 DSCF4760

…And we’re off to the races…

DSCF4756 DSCF4765 DSCF4762 DSCF4768 DSCF4772 DSCF4773 DSCF4774 DSCF4776 DSCF4777 DSCF4779 DSCF4780 DSCF4783DSCF4789 DSCF4792 DSCF4793 DSCF4795 DSCF4796 DSCF4797 DSCF4798 DSCF4799 DSCF4800 DSCF4801

Some of us encountered a bottle neck at the rope traverse so of course we took the opportunity to smile for the camera before hanging upside down.

DSCF4804 DSCF4805 DSCF4807 DSCF4809 DSCF4810 DSCF4811 DSCF4814 DSCF4815 DSCF4817 DSCF4828 DSCF4821 DSCF4835 DSCF4827 DSCF4837

Post Race Smiles.

Although it doesn’t look it, there was a bit of mud. The last two obstacles just washed it all off.

DSCF4822 DSCF4823 DSCF4825 DSCF4838 Mud Run group post run

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