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Make Up Sunday


Gulch, Kelly, Marimba, Bear Complex , Suck It Up Sunday, or Skills


Suck It Up Sunday: “Lee”  Lee_Hero_th.jpg

5 Rounds for time:
400 m Run
1 Deadlift 345/240#
3 Squat Cleans 185/130#
5 Push Jerks 185/130#
3 Muscle Ups
1 Rope Climb


U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Dick Alson Lee Jr., 31, of Orange Park, Florida, assigned to the 95th Military Police Battalion, 18th Military Police Brigade, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, based in Sembach, Germany, died on April 26, 2012 from injuries sustained when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device in Ghazni province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Katherine, sons Joshua and David, mother Brenda and her husband Larry Carroll, father Dick Sr., sister Specialist Vanessa Compton, and brother Michael Carroll.

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IMG_5967 IMG_7559 IMG_0230

CrossFit Kids and YA – 11/29/2014

IMG_4354 IMG_4353


WOD IMG_4378
5 Round of:
400 M Run
30 Box Jumps 24″
30 Wall

Compare to: April 2013, or April 2012

Comp Squad
Stroke your Goats

IMG_4336 IMG_4352 IMG_4345 IMG_4346 IMG_4348 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4363

Thanks Sara for visiting from Cactus CrossFit


CrossFit WOD – IMG_4333
7 rounds:
     7 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
     7 Push Jerks (155/105)
     7 Burpees


IMG_4305 IMG_4321 IMG_4252
IMG_4249 IMG_4315 IMG_4308
Matt was visiting from CrossFit Society while Carolina and Cliff stopped in from CrossFit West Valley
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Bear Complex Pain Storm


From our CrossFit Flagstaff family to yours!!


Bear Complex PainStormIMG_4240

For this WOD, the 5-rep Bear Complex is considered 1 “rep”.
The 5-rep Bear complex consists of:
5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Push Presses
5 Back Squats
Rx’d weight is M:95#/W:65#

For time:
500m Run
5 “reps” of Bear Complex
400m Run
4 “reps” of Bear Complex
300m Run
3 “reps” of Bear Complex
200m Run
2 “reps” of Bear Complex
100m Run
1 “rep” of Bear Complex

IMG_4208 IMG_4210 IMG_4214 IMG_4215 IMG_4216 IMG_4226 IMG_4224 IMG_4222 IMG_4227 IMG_4228 IMG_4229 IMG_4238 IMG_4230 IMG_4231 IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4239IMG_4211


CrossFit WOD – IMG_4194
Teams of 2
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
     30 Calorie Row
     40 Kettlebell Swings (M – 53 lb./W – 35 lb.)
     50 Abmat Sit-Ups
     60 Wall Balls (M – 20lb. to 10 foot target /W – 14 lb. to 9 foot target)

IMG_4195 IMG_4036Comp Squad – no partner

Strength WOD –
Find 3 Rep Max Push Jerk




IMG_4156 IMG_4157
Zach was visiting from CrossFit OTW and Steven from Offshore CrossFit
Dustin, Austin and Stephanie were all visiting from CrossFit Horsepower
The classes started with a game of Hungry Hippos

CrossFit Young Athletes – 11/26/2014

WOD – 
Teams of 3
AMRAP 15-20 minutes:
30 Calorie Row
40 Kettlebell Swings 
50 Abmat Sit-Ups
60 Wall Balls

Overhead Situation

WOD:  IMG_4035 IMG_4036

Build to a Heavy Single at Each:
Overhead Squat
Snatch Balance
Hang Squat Snatch

Comp Squad:
1. Squats 3×3 Front Squats, across
2. Row 5x300m Row, 1 minute rest between rounds

IMG_4015 IMG_4019 IMG_4023 IMG_4033 IMG_4030 IMG_4028

Thanks for Visiting Bonnie!

CHS – Push Jerk Day

Work up to a Heavy Set of 3 Push Jerks

CHS – 11/24/2014

IMG_3960 IMG_3947
IMG_3942 IMG_3945 IMG_3952