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Congratulations to ZachWilkinson and Rachel Lewis (now Wilkinson)!
Many of us had the privilege of witnessing these 2 wonderful people commit their life together and helped them celebrate their marriage in Paradise Valley.  Zach and Rachel have the special distinction in that they met here at CrossFit Flagstaff and a Ragnar Relay race van ride ignited the spark!  We wish you ALL THE BEST, Zach and Rachel!  Our first successful CFF match! 😉

IMG_6666 IMG_6698 IMG_6718 IMG_6714 IMG_6685 IMG_6728 IMG_6726


CrossFit Flagstaff IN THE HOUSE!

Back at the CFF ranch…lots of great work happened on Make Up day!

IMG_6948 IMG_6951 IMG_6981
Katie Butterfield, George, Kristin Kauffman, and Colton were some of many who took on workouts they had missed from the previous few days! Boat Race and Hotshots 19 were our big players from Friday and Saturday.
IMG_6976 IMG_6963 IMG_6966
Great job, Kristin!  Notice how she breaks her knees out first, as she sends her hips back and down to squat.  This gets her femurs out of the way and allows the torso to sit in between the hips at the bottom, creating space for a nice upright torso at the bottom of the squat.  The bar can then sit through Kristin’s torso and over the heel of her foot in a nice supported line.

CrossFit Kids and Young Athletes – 8/30/2014

IMG_6936IMG_6899 IMG_6900

Hero WOD Hotshot 19

hotshots- GMIHC logo

“Hotshot 19” Hero WOD

6 Rounds:

30 Air Squats

19 Power Cleans 135# M/95# W

7 Strict Pull Ups

400M Run

Compare to:@ Capt. CrossFiAugust 2013

On June 30, 2013 19 members of the Granite Mountain Interagency Hot Shot Crew lost their lives battleing the 2,000 acre Yarnell Hill fire just south of Prescott AZ. Thank you for your service, you will never be forgotten. RIP.

Yarnell-Feature1-2-thumb-300x169 IMG_6946

IMG_6884 IMG_6901 IMG_6886 IMG_6887 IMG_6890 IMG_6930 IMG_6924 IMG_6915 IMG_6912 IMG_6933 IMG_6896 IMG_6892 IMG_6891

LRay with the shirt twin photo bomb!  😉


Boat Race

“Boat Race”IMG_6881 IMG_6882
3 rounds:
500m Row
400m Run
-Rest 3 mins-

Comp Extras:

1. Front SquatIMG_6879
10×3, across
2. Press
5×3 Push Press, climbing


3RM Shoulder Press

IMG_6862 IMG_6857 IMG_6861 IMG_6848 IMG_6847 IMG_6867 IMG_6863 IMG_6859 IMG_6846 IMG_6849IMG_6858


Ultimately Fight Until You’re Black and Blue to the Core

IMG_6844Make up what you missed this week!  Do you want to hit the Ultimate Warrior?  Become Black and Blue? Or, test your CORE?

IMG_6842 IMG_6808
Casey Overhead Squatted a 50# PR today!  AND of note, recently attended a CrossFit Level 1 course!
IMG_6776 IMG_6768
GREAT squat mechanics!!!

NAU – CrossFit 2 -8/28/14


IMG_6758 IMG_6759 IMG_6760 IMG_6761

8/28/14 -Kids

WOD – IMG_6841
2 x 5:00 AMRAPs, rest 2:00
4 hand-release push-ups
8 squats
10 box jumps, 12”-24”





IMG_6810 IMG_6817

IMG_6825 IMG_6832

CHS – 8/28/14

Warm Up: Tire Flips, Jumps and Sledge Hammer SwingsIMG_6806

WOD:4 Rounds:

400M Run

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

Cash Out:

Front Rack Walking Lunges 2x 50’@ 33#

IMG_6784 IMG_6794 IMG_6801 IMG_6804 IMG_6805


8/27/14 – Young Athletes

Burgener warm-up
200-meter run

3 x 5:00 AMRAPs, rest 2:00 in between
8 hang squat cleans, 75#/55#
8 push presses
16 mountain climbers

IMG_6705 IMG_6706 IMG_6707 IMG_6709 IMG_6710 IMG_6711


CrossFit WOD:IMG_6735 IMG_6736
Overhead Squat
Heavy Single

OTM x 15 min:
One: 7 Overhead Squats (95# M, 65# W)
Two: 45 second Plank
Three: 7 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pullups

Strength Focus:

Back Squat – 3RMIMG_6738

Comp Squad:
1.  Squat
7×5 Front Squats, across

2.  Deadlift

IMG_6721 IMG_6712 IMG_6701 IMG_6693 IMG_6691 IMG_6659 IMG_6658 IMG_6654