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3,2,1 GO! 5K Row

IMG_5595Warm Up: Team Plate Moving As a team move your stack of weights from one side of the gym to the other

  • can’t use hands to carry weights
  • feet cant touch the ground
  • only one foot can touch the ground
  • the person holding the weights can’t touch the ground

IMG_5593WOD: 5K Row
How to Improve Rowing Technique

Strength Focus:

  • 100′ Overhead Carry with bodyweight (or as close as possible)
  • Build up to a 1RM Farmer’s Carry x 50′ (no drops allowed)

IMG_5430 IMG_5437 IMG_5468IMG_5459 IMG_5498IMG_5550 IMG_5445IMG_5467 IMG_5455IMG_5432 IMG_5512 IMG_5477 IMG_5547 IMG_5584
Tanner joined Liz for some stretching, and little Ash wanted to ride the lift with Lindsay to change some light bulbs.
IMG_5473 IMG_5530IMG_5501 IMG_5504 IMG_5591

February Free Saturday – this Saturday, February 1!

20 Things I Love About CrossFit

DSC01979 620x444 NEXT FREE SATURDAY   February 2nd
One of my coaches, Lindsey, doing pistols at the CrossFit Regional Games

About that time when kid #2 came was when it hit me.  The trifecta of
lack of sleep, lack of time, and increasing career demands – I’ve seen
too many guys experience that “lost decade” going mid-thirties to
mid-forties in a long, stressed-out, oblivious haze.

Holding my newborn daughter in my hands for the first time, I decided it
was time for me to get fit.  I didn’t want to tell my kids “I can’t
right now, I’m too tired” — ever again.   I started working out for a
couple of years with measly results.  It wasn’t until I started CrossFit exactly a year ago when things started happening. [quick shout to my awesome gym, CrossFit Impact]

20 pounds of fat gone + probably 5+ pounds of new muscle isn’t a
dramatic change on the outside.  My 325-pound deadlift is half of what
“real” athletes might do.  But nonetheless, CrossFit has completely
transformed my mindset on health, my kids’ health, food, and life. “Why I
can’t…” has become “Why not?” CrossFit has helped me become a
stronger person and a better (and more fit!) dad.

If you don’t know what CrossFit is, it’s a lifestyle + community +
exercise program that actually gets you “fit” – in every sense of the
word.  It’s constantly varied, functional movements executed at high
intensity. Yeah, exactly, clear as mud. Check out the video below for a
quick intro.

In honor of my 1-year anniversary with CrossFit, here’s a few ways I
love CrossFit, and a few random things I’ve learned along the way:

    1. There’s an athlete inside every one of us.  The first time
      you set foot in a CrossFit gym, you are seen as an athlete. Doesn’t
      matter if you’re coordinated or not (me), doesn’t matter if you were the
      captain of your math team (yup, I was a nerd).  Being an athlete is a
      mindset more than it is about physical feats.
    2. CrossFit helped me understand what fitness is.  Stop and
      think – how do you define fitness? How do you know you’re getting there?
      There’s 10 aspects – agility, speed, flexibility, endurance, power,
      stamina, balance, accuracy, coordination, and strength. CrossFit is one
      of the few programs that works on it all.
    3. CrossFit is like Suduko – easy to learn and do, but hard to master. My
      6-year-old has done scaled work-outs with me.  I’ve been doing it a
      year and there’s probably still 30% of the basic movements that I can’t
      even do. Some things I’ll never be able to do.
    4. Sometimes the “oh MAN, that hurts” moment isn’t even during the workout.  It’s 30 seconds afterwards, as your body is still catching up with the hard work you just did.
    5. CrossFit is like love – hard to define in a sentence, but easy to see in a moment.
    6. CrossFit is like Florida.  It’s grandma-friendly.  Can you
      do 75 burpees in 7 minutes?  I couldn’t when I first tried, but the
      52-year-old grandma next to me could.  I love the YouTube series “Killing the Fat Man
      – CrossFit changes this midlife-crisis-dad’s life so much, that his
      triple-bypass, can’t-walk-10-steps dad gets into it and the results are
      amazing. Just watch episode 1.
    7. CrossFit is the closest thing there is to physical training for real life (and the physical rigors of parenting!).
      I can get down on the floor with my kids like never before (squat).
      Move heavy furniture (sled push). Throw heavy kids across a swimming
      pool (snatch).  Bend down to have those beloved one-on-one, “do you
      understand?” parenting talks (lunge). CrossFit is all about correct
      positions & movements in real life – the way our body is designed to
    8. I’ve been eating all wrong my whole life.  I know my friends
      now think I’m “one of those crazy people” on food.  But eating lots of
      meat/veggies, some nuts/oils, a little fruit, a little starch, and no
      sugar has been great – I like what I eat, and I like how I feel
      afterwards. Less energy lulls.  Less cravings.  Less stomach drama.
    9. CrossFit has “healed” many injuries – I had a bum knee, a
      constantly sore back, recurring shoulder pain.  The knee I got from
      training wrong for a marathon, the back from just bad everyday posture,
      and the shoulder pain from too many past afternoons in my teens
      believing I was Roger Clemens. All that is pretty much gone now.
      Because CrossFit teaches you to move in the way your body is designed to
      (after all, CrossFit’s founder is an engineer), the more you move
      right, the more aligned everything in your body becomes.  I’ve learned
      that so many injuries and nagging joints are a result of wrong positions
      done repetitively (+foods that kick up inflammation). Then, other body
      parts overcompensate, creating this cruel vicious cycle of bad to worse
      form, leading to all kinds of problems, leading to throwing up your
      hands and conceding to inactivity.
    10. The workouts are extremely effective at achieving fitness.
      okay, I know I’m going to sound like a CrossFit snob – if you want to
      get fit, why spend hours and hours doing cardio?  Especially when that
      only trains one or two aspects of the ten aspects of fitness?  In fact,
      the workouts are effective exactly because they are short and intense.
      Short enough that I’ve often time squeezed a workout in while my
      toddler watches a short episode of Dora.  Short enough that my
      6-year-old will do a scaled version with me sometimes.  But intense
      enough to turn me into a sweaty pile of hot mess on the ground
    11. CrossFit people are awesome.  There’s something about
      tackling something difficult together that brings people together. The
      last one to finish a workout is often cheered and encouraged the loudest
      (I get lots of cheers).  It’s inclusive and encouraging.
    12. CrossFit will never be for everyone.  While CrossFit is
      truly inclusive so many ways, the intensity and positive/team culture
      won’t be for everyone.  I like that. People will self-select out.
    13. CrossFit is like Jesus.  You can talk passionately about it
      to someone, but until they experience it for themselves, it will sound
      like you’re a little off. Haha.
    14. CrossFit keeps me on my toes. No two work-outs are exactly
      the same. Intentionally.  This adds to the effectiveness of the workout
      since our bodies are extremely good at adapting. I love that moment when
      I walk into the gym and see the workout of the day (WOD) and say, “I
      wonder how THAT is going to go!”  And I love the fact that any day’s
      workout could be the hardest workout of my life.
    15. CrossFit has changed my body, and transformed my mind.  At 37, I’m in the best shape of my life. But my mind, too.  “If I can do this, why can’t I do that?”
    16. I’m addicted to the CrossFit Games.
      This annual competition to find the world’s fittest people is
      completely fascinating, partly because I was a part of it. I did the
      workouts in round 1, put up my scores, and saw how I stacked up against
      70,000 other athletes.  Hey, in 3 years, I’ll be 40.  Masters Division,
      here I come. Oh, and the athletes are jaw-dropping amazing.
    17. I love data.  I love tracking my progress through data, and
      seeing the progress on every aspect.  Double-unders from none to 17.
      Benchpress from 145 to 185.  2km row from 9 minutes to 7.24.  Seeing
      early wins motivates you to go for more.
    18. CrossFit has taught me about the behind-the-scenes things about getting fit.
      The workouts that everyone sees are essentially stimulus for
      growth. Recovery, hydration, sleep and eating right are actually what
      are causing my growth in fitness.   So true for life in general.
    19. To get better at something, do other stuff.  Yeah, it’s one
      of those weird truths that you’ll find in CrossFit.  I’ve done a one-rep
      deadlift max about 4 times in the last year. Broke 200, then 250, then
      300. Now I’m at 325 (about half of what other guys at the gym can do).
      What’s fascinating is that I haven’t been working on deadlifts in
      between – I’ve been doing CrossFit.  Runners at my gym are finding the
      same thing taking one or two days off from running, doing CrossFit
      instead, and watching  those half-marathon times go down.

The thing I love the most about CrossFit is how I feel when I’m not
doing CrossFit.  It’s how it all transcends the gym and somehow oozes
into my career, my friendships, my parenting.  It’s that I’m modeling to
my kids the kind of fitness and care of self that I hope they will pick
up on some day.

My 6-year-old came up to me this past week and said something that I’ll
remember for a long time, “Daddy, I’m not going to eat desserts anymore
because I want to be healthy like you!”

I asked him, “Even when your little sister is eating ice cream?”

“Yup! I want to be healthy like you, Daddeeee!”

We landed on a compromise – when I eat dessert, so can he.  No more desserts for me (or at least until they go to bed…)

About the Author | Tony Chen is founder of Savvy Daddy. Get to know him, and you’ll realize he’s a big kid trapped in a supermodel’s body.

Come to CrossFit Flagstaff, this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. for Kids and Adults, or at 11:00 a.m. for Adults.  We will introduce you to the gym, take you through a warm up, teach you the skills you need to know for the workout, help you through the workout, and hang out with you for questions after it’s done.  The workout is completely scaled to fit every ability.  Give us a chance to show you how!

Make Up Day Thoughts

IMG_5422Make up what you missed or MOBILIZE the soreness!

5 Whiteboard Misconceptions That Are Ruining Your CrossFit Experience


It’s that time of the day again: the clock finally beeps that your eight minutes of torture are up; you slam the barbell down, sweat raining into your eyes and blurring your vision; and you stumble to the whiteboard. Trying to regain your breath, you do some preliminary analysis: Well, Mike finished 30 seconds faster than me, but then again he didn’t do the Rx weights. Damn, Taylor beat my time! But did she really? I mean, we all know how she “counts.”

CrossFit is as much about the community of like-minded people you get to interact with as it is about being the fittest on earth, or whatever.

The whiteboard is a central part of the CrossFit experience. Whether your box uses a traditional whiteboard with dry erase markers or the fancy virtual ones that chart your progress, it’s been ingrained in you from day one that you record your scores after every workout. It’s probably second nature for you to check the clock as soon as you drop your last snatch to make sure you catch your time, down to the second, so you can get your score on the board and see how you did compared to everyone else.

So you use the whiteboard daily, but do you ever stop to think about what it’s really there for? Here are five misconceptions about the CrossFit whiteboard and some suggestions for how you should really be looking at it.

1. The whiteboard is there so I can compare myself to everyone else.

Photo from Crossfit by Overload

Photo from Crossfit by Overload

What is it about CrossFit that makes it so different from other workout programs? Is it the goofy gear you get to wear or the fact that you now have an extensive collection of selfies taken with barbells in the background? I guess it is for some people. But if you ask most people what they love so much about the CrossFit atmosphere, they’ll probably tell you it’s the awesome sense of camaraderie they get to bask in every time they walk in the door. CrossFit is as much about the community of like-minded people you get to interact with as it is about being the fittest on earth, or whatever. So the notion that the whiteboard exists mainly for you to compare yourself to the other athletes is a little contradictory.

Sure, it’s good to have some people whose scores you check to make sure you’re on the right track and you’re giving your best effort, but turning it into an über-competitive platform for being critical of yourself or for bragging about your superiority over others goes against the spirit of CrossFit.

There’s no need to be so tightly wound when it comes to the whiteboard. Relax a little and remember not everything’s a race.

2. I thought I was counting right, but now that I see Timmy’s score I obviously miscalculated. I’ll just say I did the same reps as he did.

Grrr. Stop doing this immediately. Quit using your “inability to count right” to justify cheating. You counted right. For whatever reason, Timmy got more reps. So be it. Be honest with yourself and your fellow athletes and put up your real score. Nobody likes a cheater, and sooner or later — whether it be in competition or just being called out in a WOD —y our buddies are going to realize what you’re up to. It’s much better to be honest than to be embarrassed when competition time comes and everyone is shocked that you couldn’t really do 140 burpees in seven minutes. Be real.

3. Sally did Rx weight, so obviously that means I have to too.


The whiteboard is an inanimate thing. It can’t judge whether or not you’re getting better — only you can do that.

Obviously nothing. Sally might have 30 pounds on you, or she might have started training two years before you’d even heard of CrossFit. Disregard Sally and her superhuman abilities for a minute and focus on you. Are you ready to do the weight or the movement Rx? If you’re on the fence, the best thing you can do is consult your coach. But remember he probably has 100 other athletes so don’t just run up and go, “How much should I lift?” Bring him your most recent numbers for that specific lift or movement and let him know what you’ve done in the past, and go from there. Whatever you do, do it with the confidence that it’s a choice you made based on your abilities. Don’t worry about the choices others made to suit their fitness goals. You don’t need other people’s whiteboard victories to dictate your decisions.

4. Last time we did back squats I did MORE than I did this time! I’m obviously a failure and am losing all my gains.

Oh, please. The whiteboard is an inanimate thing. It can’t judge whether or not you’re getting better — only you can do that. Maybe the last time you did back squats you had eaten perfectly all day, no cheats, plenty of fats and good carbs to help give you the explosive power to crank out some heavy back squats, but this time you had a rough day at work, got stuck in traffic, got to CrossFit five minutes late and were running on coffee and a protein bar from four hours ago. The whiteboard doesn’t know any of that, so all it’s going to show you is you lifted less this time. Quit being so hard on yourself. Everyone has the occasional day of complete Crap in the Box. Don’t completely disregard it —remember what happened that day and try to avoid those mistakes in the future — but don’t beat yourself up over it either. You’ll have another chance to back squat weight that would put the Hulk to shame.

5. I have something to prove and I’m going to use the whiteboard to do that.

No you’re not. Prove yourself out there on the floor. Prove yourself in the final moments of a crushing WOD, as the sweat pours from every crevice of your exhausted body, in the moment when it would be so much easier to quit or to get hit by a car or something.

Prove yourself when you really do lose count of your reps and you start over to preserve the integrity of your workout. Prove it by no repping yourself when you know you didn’t get low enough or get your chin over the bar, even if no one else is watching you and calling you out.

Prove it in the real, tangible progress you make every day that you throw everything you’ve got into being the best athlete you can be. That’s what shows, at the end of the day. After you’ve done that, the number you write on the board is practically irrelevant.

Thanks for visiting us today, Emily from CF Perrysburg (OH)!

January 30, 2014 – Messin’ With Your Midline

Warm Up: Pizza Delivery Tag1:30 board

WOD: Messin’ With Your Midline


  • Hip Extensions
  • Ab Mat Sit Ups
  • Overhead Squats

1:30 PDT 4 1:30 PDT 3 1:30 PDT 2 1:30 PDT 11:30 6 1:30 5 1:30 4 1:30 H 1:30 H2 1:30 1 1:30 2 1:30 3


Who is January’s Athlete of the Month?

Here it is!

January’s Newsletter!

Read all about the Athlete of the Month!


January 29, 2014

Warm Up: 3x1:29 board

5 perfect squats => 10-second hold at the bottom of the squat => 5 perfect squats => 10-second hold at the bottom of the squat => box jump snake => 2 cartwheels => 2 strict pull-ups => 200-meter run

Skill: Med Ball Clean


2 x 6:00 AMRAPs, rest 2:00 in between

  • 7 front squats
  • 14 knees-to-elbows

1:29 MBC 11:29 MBC 21:29 MBC 31:29 KTE1:29 Zane FS1:29 Sydney FS1:29 Nona FS1:29 Mia FS1:29 Greer FS1:29 Carter


January 29, 2014

5 Rounds:1:29 board

5 Push Press

5 Front Squats


1:29 #3 1:29 #6 1:29 FS 1:29 Jaynae 1:29 Jill 1:29 Jillian 1:29 Lauryn


IMG_5300CrossFit WOD
“Heavenly” is how a rest day is going to feel tomorrow!

7 rounds for time of:
15 GHD Situps
15 Hip Extensions
10 Thrusters -135# M/95# W
10 Clean & Jerk -135# M/95# W

IMG_5301Scale for meeting a 30-35 min. time domain.

Strength Focus
Bench Press

Getting Strong with the Bench Press
The Lats and the Bench Press

IMG_5203 IMG_5186
Liz gets a 100# Bench Press today!  Nice work!

IMG_5288 IMG_5256 IMG_5198
More new faces come into the classes, out of their intros!  WELCOME to Danielle S, Colleen, and Matt G!

There is a physical element to Main Page CrossFit, and intellectual side – thinking about the ‘why’ of each WOD and the ‘how’ you will accomplish it.  What is your need from this workout?  Go heavy and fight to get heavy Thrusters because you’re a bodyweight ninja?  Or, lighten it up and get all 7 rounds in because that will severely tax your stamina and endurance, you beast?!  Do you need to pace it in the first couple of rounds because you go out too hard in workouts?  Or do you pace too much and you need to push into the lactic acid pain cave and suffer through the dark tunnel by just moving steadily?  What are your goals?  What are your weaknesses that CrossFit so eloquently exposes?

IMG_5194 IMG_5290 IMG_5187
This was Christen’s 2nd class tonight and she improved in her Clean a ton! Great job!

IMG_5139 IMG_5106
Feeling a little stiff in some of these overhead and squat movements?  Having a hard time feeling like you can do them, due to lack of flexibility?  Come and work with Scott on a mobility plan that is right for you! Mobility Clinic Friday at 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.!

IMG_5211 IMG_5130
2 common themes in today’s workout – Heavenly Sweat Angels (full body, no less!) and a long gaze into Heavenly gates….

January 28, 2014

The Chief1:28 board

Max Rds. in 3 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans
 -135 lb.M/95 lb.W
6 Pushups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

 1:28 #1 1:28 #2 1:28 #3 1:28 V

The Teen Gauntlet


20 Teen Athletes Respresenting 7 CrossFit Gyms around the region came to CrossFit Flagstaff on Saturday Jan 25th to competes in The Varsity Teen Gauntlet! CrossFit Flagstaff, Havasu CrossFit, CrossFit West Valley, Black Box Fitness, CrossFit Incendia, CrossFit Haboob, and Core CrossFit were all represented with AMAZING Teen Athletes!Teen Gauntlet 2014-14-2

WOD 1 : Muscle Up Jackie

In 10 Minutes:

1,000 M Row

50 Thrusters (40 for Novice)

AMRAP Muscle Ups (pull-ups for tiebreaker) 

Immediately into 3 Max Distance Med Ball Throws in 1:00

Teen Gauntlet 2014-5 Teen Gauntlet 2014-15 Teen Gauntlet 2014-19 Teen Gauntlet 2014-21 Teen Gauntlet 2014-23 Teen Gauntlet 2014-31 Teen Gauntlet 2014-35 Teen Gauntlet 2014-40 Teen Gauntlet 2014-58 Teen Gauntlet 2014-61 Teen Gauntlet 2014-67 Teen Gauntlet 2014-93 Teen Gauntlet 2014-88 Teen Gauntlet 2014-92 Teen Gauntlet 2014-100 Teen Gauntlet 2014-111 Teen Gauntlet 2014-129 Teen Gauntlet 2014-133 Teen Gauntlet 2014-134Teen Gauntlet 2014-145 Teen Gauntlet 2014-146 Teen Gauntlet 2014-178Teen Gauntlet 2014-195 Teen Gauntlet 2014-212Handstand Walk

Athlete has 1:00 to walk as far as possible on his or her hands as measured in points awarded for every line crossed with both hands, including the start line. If the athlete can turn around while in handstand and re-cross the fourth line, an additional point will be awarded. If no turnaround is completed while in handstand, the athlete restarts from behind the line, but will not earn a point until the next line is crossed. 

Shuttle Run

Immediately upon completing the handstand walk, the athlete will proceed to the shuttle run area. The athlete will begin behind the start line and on “Go!” will complete a 3 x 60’ shuttle run with a hand touch at the first and second lines (“there-back-there”). The athlete does not need to touch the line at the start or the finish. 

Teen Gauntlet 2014-221 Teen Gauntlet 2014-224 Teen Gauntlet 2014-230 Teen Gauntlet 2014-231 Teen Gauntlet 2014-239 Teen Gauntlet 2014-246 Teen Gauntlet 2014-249 Teen Gauntlet 2014-288 Teen Gauntlet 2014-265 Teen Gauntlet 2014-276 Teen Gauntlet 2014-278

EMOM of hang power snatches and jump-over burpees with ascending rep scheme

  • Minute one: 1 hang power snatch and 2 jump-over burpees
  • Minute two: 2 hang power snatches and 4 jump-over burpees
  • Minute three: 3 hang power snatches and 6 jump-over burpees
  • Minute four: 4 hang power snatches and 8 jump-over burpee

This will continue until the athlete is unable to complete the rep scheme within the minute. 

Teen Gauntlet 2014-324 Teen Gauntlet 2014-328 Teen Gauntlet 2014-338 Teen Gauntlet 2014-342 Teen Gauntlet 2014-365 Teen Gauntlet 2014-358 Teen Gauntlet 2014-359 Teen Gauntlet 2014-369 Teen Gauntlet 2014-380 Teen Gauntlet 2014-386 Teen Gauntlet 2014-371 Teen Gauntlet 2014-374 Teen Gauntlet 2014-397 Teen Gauntlet 2014-436 Teen Gauntlet 2014-417 Teen Gauntlet 2014-428 Teen Gauntlet 2014-455CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the Teen Athletes that came out!

Hope to see you all in April!

Teen Gauntlet 2014-2-2 Teen Gauntlet 2014-3-2Teen Gauntlet 2014-5-2Teen Gauntlet 2014-7-2Teen Gauntlet 2014-9-2