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Katie’s Special Birthday Workout!


 IMG_961221-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time of:IMG_9607

  • Thrusters -95# M/65# W
  • Pullups

Compare to July 2012

Strength Focus

Push Jerk
3×1, across (heavy)


We all appreciate you and all you do for us!

Saturday, December 1

Same as gym.

"Dixie Diva"

6 Rounds for time:
12 Deads, 245/165
400m Run


50 Ways to Achieve Greatness in Your Life

1. Jump out of bed and crush the floor boards every morning by smashing your feet down and defiantly take on each and every day.

2. Breathe deep in the midst of turmoil.  Be calm and take deliberate action when everyone else is falling apart.

3. Live aggressively and appreciate every second.

4. Make opportunities happen by taking action.  Remember, there is no luck.

5. Always believe in yourself and your dreams.

6. Don’t start counting reps until it burns.

7. Hit 100 push-ups every day.

8. Dance for your kids when their friends are around.

9. Don’t be jealous, be inspired.

10. When you’re talking to someone, listen to them very carefully as
if that is the last time you’ll ever hear their voice again.

11. Be Swayze in Point Break, Youngblood or Road House.

12. Show your daughters what kind of guy to look for by how you treat their Mom

13. Remember this quote:

14. Make a special handshake for each of your kids and throw it on
them when they’re doing homework, eating, or whenever you can.

15. Realize, when you think you’re working hard, there are many
others who are succeeding in their lives by working harder than you. 
They’re putting in one more hour, doing one more rep, helping one more

16. Leave your kids a special note in their book bag that they’ll find during the day at school.

17. Hold that hug one more second and squeeze hard.

18. Challenge yourself everyday.

19. Find a mentor.

20. Do something you FEAR until it becomes a strength.

21. Commit the poem Invictus to memory and say it everyday.

22. Work hard when everyone else has stopped working. Work when no one is looking. Work when there is no end in sight.

23. Be true to yourself. It will inspire others to be who they really want to be but are too afraid.

24. Always use a weight vest for your bodyweight training.

25. Learn everything you can to make yourself better.  To be a better provider.  To be a better man.

26. Remember that time is NOT constant. The older you get, the faster it ticks away.

27.  Select three important goals that you want to hit each day and
rank them in order of importance.  Focus on getting the most important
one done first and work from there.

28.  Always have a beginner’s mind.  Approach every learning opportunity with enthusiasm.

29. Drink a gallon of water each day.

30. Find something great about each person you meet and tell them how much you appreciate them for it.

31. Progress, not perfection.  Stop beating yourself up for not being
perfect and focus on small changes that make you 1% better everyday.

32. Be humble. Work hard.

33.  Stop being negative.  No one wants to hear it.  Be different and
focus on the positive.  Remember, there are many people who are happy
with much less than you have.

34.  Take action.  Live in strength and not in fear.

35.  Stop giving your energy to your past.  Live in the present and build your future.

36.  Never give up.  Whatever you do, never give up.

37.  You will fail and make lots of mistakes.  Keep going. See #36.

38. Train every workout like you’ll never get to train again.  Push yourself and drive out your demons with every rep.

39.  A dream. Hope. Sacrifice. All things that money cannot buy.

40.  Encourage others and inspire them to greatness in their lives. 
You will get it back ten fold.  When you’ve given all of yourself, give

41.  Be completely honest and look people in the eye when you speak with them.

42.  Have no regrets.

43.  Pay it 360

44.  “Fear is the only darkness.”

45. Remember, the most important things in life don’t cost any money. Love, friendship, hope, respect, dignity, character…

46. Go into everything you do with supreme confidence. Never let defeat or negative thoughts enter your mind. See yourself achieving greatness before it happens.

47. Building your legacy and defining your character is about how you treat people who can do absolutely nothing for you.

48. Realize you are powerful beyond measure and capable of 20X more than you ever thought possible.

49. If you have good friends, hold on to them. Tell them everyday how
much they mean to you and never let them go. They will give you
strength and encourage you when you lose your way.

50. Empower your kids to live their lives without limits.


51. Remember to live your life like your kids are taking notes on how they should live their lives.

Oh. Neat.

Strength Focus

IMG_9478Front Squat
1×1 Heavy
2×1 Moderate

CrossFit WOD

1. Snatch
    3 x 1, heavy

IMG_94392. “Neat”

3 rounds for reps of:
   Kettlebell Swings -1.5 pood M/1 pood W
   Wall Ball -20#, 10′ M/14#, 9′ W

Round 1-  :50 on, :10 off after each movement
Round 2-  :45 on, :15 off after each movement
Round 3-  :40 on, :20 off after each movement


Welcome to your 1st class, Donnie!


Welcome back for another visit from Alaska, Ashley!

Today’s MWod episode is a great fix for those pesky tight tissues of
your armpit/scap region.  When athletes are missing basic range of
motion (Ie. they are dys-supple) the body has to account for force
generation in those compromised and compensated positions.  For example,
if your shoulder sits anterior in the socket (Delta-Bravo shoulder
postion) muscles of your rotator cuff like the subscapularis have to
work in really horrific positions.  This is one of the reasons why poor
positioning begets poor mobility (it’s a wonderfully developed positive
feed back loop that creates work for doctors, physios, chiros, osetos,
etc).   So a matted down sub scap is likely just  a symptom of poor
shoulder mechanics.   So, fix your shoulder mechanics, and treat the
symptom.  We  work with some pretty badass/strong athletes, I have to
get my hands pretty fired up to get into the armpit of the likes of a
Diane Fu or Jesse Burdick.  So I don’t.  Instead, they are waaaay more
effective at treating this stiff rotator cuff tissue.  Heck, you’ve
already gone to the trouble of tapping or voodoo flossing a ball to a
barbell. Might as well clean up this shoulder while you are at it.

Mission:  Two min a side.

Test/Restest:  Shoulder extension and pull up

Friday, November 30

1.  Clean and Jerk
3×1, heavy across

2.  Complete one fo the following:
If your "Fran" time is over 2:40 for Men and 3:10 for women do "Fran".
 A.  "Fran"
Thrusters, 95/65
Pull ups

If your "Fran" time is under 2:40/3:10 for women do the following:
Thrusters, 95/65
Pull ups

3.  Back Squat
1×1 Heavy
2×2 Heavy



Velocity and Force


Make up the WOD you missed on Monday or Tuesday, or work on developing a skill you need to improve.


Velocity and Force

Imagine a mountain bike for a moment.
 On your bike, you have different gear ratios.  The lower the gear the
faster you can pedal (velocity), because it is easy to push the pedal
(force).  One the other hand, the higher the gear, the harder it is to
cycle your pedal (force increases), but the RPM of the pedal declines
(velocity decreases).  

When it comes to working out, consider how velocity and force mesh with each other according to movement patterns:

1.) High force, low velocity (think of your 1RM deadlift or back squat).

2.) Moderate force, moderate velocity (Perhaps the thruster weight you would use  for “Fran.” You can move this weight moderately fast.)

3.) Low force, high velocity (imagine a pitcher throwing his best fastball).

Each of these force/velocity ratios listed can affect you in dramatic ways, providing that you give maximum effort.
 Therefore, in CrossFit we try to train all 3.  In doing so, we raise the level
of all 3.  We aren’t just able to deadlift or back squat more over
time; we are also able to run a faster 100m sprint, row faster, do “Fran”
faster… you get the point.  The key is maximum effort.  A common adage
is that the results we see from CrossFit are from: 1.) Intensity, and, 2.) Adaptation.
 The different stimuli that comes from the force/velocity ratios listed
above are certainly forms of exercise that force our body to adapt.
 But without intensity, a low force, high velocity movement becomes a
low force, low/moderate velocity movement.  It’s not as hard,  the
stimulus lessens, the results come slower.  Why is performing with max
intensity hard? Because it hurts!!  But after we see the results, and
after seeing the amount of force and velocity that we can apply to
various objects and exercises increase, it certainly makes it worth it.
 So come one, come all.  Let’s suffer together.

CrossFit Verve

Low Fat, High Carb….

Obesity is the result of eating too much fat.

Cholesterol is dangerous.

Saturated fat is bad for you.

Eat more carbs to avoid heart disease.


Thursday, November 29

1.  Snatch
2×1 Heavy
1×2 Heavy

2.  Front Squat
1×1 Heavy
2×1 Moderate

3.  "Neat"
3 Rounds for max reps:

KBS, 53/35
Wall Balls, 20/14

RD 1 :50 sec on, :10 sec rest at each movement
RD 2 :45 sec on, :15 sec rest at each movement
RD 3 :40 sec on, : 20 sec rest at each movement
Bring the same intensity to each round.  Report scores as total reps for each round. 



It’s Only Weird if You Make it Weird


Too often in CrossFit (and to a greater extent, life) we operate well
within the safe and comfortable limits of our past experience. We
push pretty hard, but we remain comfortable ; we train only on Tuesday
at 9am when Jupiter is in line with Mars, and we feel ‘off’ if it’s any
other time or day; we only lift to gut-wrenching, ear piercing Rock
music, and we could never possibly PR to anything less; we always wear
our hats, gloves, and sweatshirts to run, and we can never forgo our
 In order to truly surpass our best, I contend that we must experience our worst.

CrossFit readies the individual user for unknown and unknowable
tasks.  We train across broad time and modal domains to readily handle a
variety of tasks, challenges, and situations.  The one caveat is
that we train largely in a controlled environment.  More often than not,
we know the workouts, what time they happen, where they happen, how
hard we need to push, the apparatus involved, and the look and feel of
our environment. However, unlike CrossFit, life can be unforgiving when
it comes to these external factors.  Life does not care if you’re not
ready, inexperienced, warmed up, don’t know how, don’t have your Skins
on, forgot your belt, don’t usually run at night or never went that far.
It, whatever ‘it’ that may be, just happens, and you need to be ready
to punch it in the face.The more you expose yourself to different levels
of discomfort, the better prepared you will be for both the comfortable
known and the uncomfortable unknown.  The premise is simple, but the
application can be harrowing.  Humans do not like to be uncomfortable.
It goes against our survival instinct to intentionally infuse
discomfort.  However, without such exposure we can fall victim to a
false sense of security.  It is easy to fall into the trap of only
training in your most comfortable environment or avoiding your
My challenge to you is to escape your comfort zone twice this
week.  The changes do not have to be extreme but, they should be
outside of your normal routine. Here are a few simple examples:
  1. Run outside without your sweatshirt (or, if that's normal, run WITH your sweatshirt)
  2. Lift to music that you never listen to (better yet, lift to no music)
  3. Team up with someone you don’t know well
  4. Team up with someone who will push you harder
  5. Try training in a different spot in the gym
  6. Try training at a different time
  7. Experience what it’s like to train with a vest
  8. Push yourself past your ‘top’ speed
  9. Add a new movement to your warmup each week
  10. Train without your favorite pre-workout food or beverage

Post your 2 ESCAPES to the comments of that particular day’s
workout. The one disclaimer — don’t do
anything stupid in finding your particular means of escape.  Each
individual’s level of tolerance is different.  Be smart about what you
are testing and why.

Furious 5 Video

Thanks to Jesse for the great compilation video from the CrossFit Fury competition!

Perfect Storm of a Punch


1. Jerk Balance -skill drill

2. Clean and Jerk
    3 x 1 Rep, Across (Heavy)

3. “Perfect Punch”
For Total Time:
2 Rounds of:
  6 Power Cleans -155# M/105# W
  IMG_93686 Handstand Pushups
2 Rounds of:
  6 Power Cleans
  12 Ring Dips
2 Rounds of:
  6 Power Cleans
  24 Hand-Release Pushups


Wednesday, November 28

Rest Day

Girls Rock….