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Self Defense Classes

Come check out Self Defense Classes with Jesse.

Saturday's  and Sunday's  @ 8:00 AM    Thursday's @ 7:00 PM

Kara 1
Self defense 1
Self Defense 4
Selfe Defense 7 The self defense class is based off of a form of
combatives jiu jitsu and other techniques to have general physical
preparedness in a real life altercation. We also teach situational
awareness and techniques to be more aware of your surroundings in order
to avoid altercations entirely. Self Defense class is a privately trained specialty class at an additional cost. Talk to Jesse if you have questions or want more info.

When Life Throws You Lemons, Eat Broccoli

When Life Throws You Lemons, Eat Broccoli

Sept. 27, 2012, by Juli Bauer (originally posted at Again Faster-Equipment for CrossFit)

Please raise your hand if you are an emotional eater. If you are a CrossFitter, most likely you are one. Don’t act like your Sunday-Cheat Day isn’t backed by emotional turmoil of depriving yourself the entire week.

We all do it. If you don’t, you’re probably a boring human being. Fact.

So in my refusal to be a boring person, I will admit it now: my name is Juli, and I’m an emotional eater. Straight up. When CrossFit throws me a lemon, I want lemon pie. I eat my feelings. Food is pretty much my boyfriend, best friend, soul mate.

Food is what fuels us. Food is what keeps us functioning. And food is what brings us together. Weirdly enough, CrossFit does the same exact thing.

But the thing about CrossFit is…sometimes it really blows. Like “why the hell am I even doing this?” blows. We go into the gym, eagerly awaiting a workout that will make us stronger, and then it sucks. It makes us feel broken. It makes us feel defeated. And it makes us question why we are doing this to ourselves.

Have you ever sat on the couch, after a workout, and thoughts bombarded your brain?

“Why the hell am I eating this way if it’s not making me faster?”
“Why am I doing this to my body and not getting any better?”
“Why can’t I lift that?”
“Why the f*ck does my ass look so fat after I did over a thousand squats this week?”
“I want some f*cking ice cream.”

That was pretty much my life story last week. Injuries led to frustration. Frustration led to emotional obsessing. Emotional obsessing led to paleo brownies. F*cking paleo brownies. They’ll get ya every time.

So how do we find that balance? How do we control our emotions, stay away from the food we don’t need, and stick with CrossFit even when it’s not working in our favor?

We just do it. Plain and simple. We forget about all the frustrating moments in the gym, all the moments where we were disgustingly upset or more frustrated than we knew possible, and remember the sole reason we eat the way we do and why we CrossFit. Because we love it. Because it makes us better people. Because it creates the person we want to be.

So what are you going to do with the lemons CrossFit has thrown at you? Are you going to squeeze the lemons into your eyes to help you tear up more? Are you going to make lemon pie and eat until you no longer have taste buds? Or are you going to squeeze the lemons on your fresh broccoli, pull on your favorite pair of Lulu’s, and get back in the gym?

It’s your choice.

Juli Bauer is the founder and sole author of Her first cookbook is currently in the oven.

Sunday Funday


Author Unknown

1. Do tons of cardio. The more the better.

2. Stay away from the weights. They’re heavy, and they’re in the guys’ section of the gym, and they make you feel like an idiot. Stay far away.

3. Eat lots of carbs. Stick to highly processed foods with words like “fortified” and “low fat” on the package.

4. Don’t get enough sleep—in fact stay up really late on your computer as often as possible.

6. Don’t schedule your workouts—just hope you have enough time available at the exact moment that inspiration strikes you.

7. Be sure to prioritize a “good deal” over good nutrition—this includes fast food and grocery store promos.

8. Play Russian Roulette with your workouts… Jump around between random boot camp classes and whatever else sounds good at the moment, and never stick to one program.

9. Do not keep track of your workouts. This should be easy if you’re following #8, but in case you’re not… never write anything down. That way every time you go to do your workout again, you’ll just have to guess about how hard it should be.

10. Surround yourself with negative or emotionally draining people. Try to help them shoulder the burden of just being them.

11. Surround yourself with faux-positive people who encourage you to do things like get “just one more drink” or skip the gym “just this once.”

12. Avoid drinking much water. Replace it with coffee or carbonated beverages.

13. Follow the rule that “if your friend can do it, you can too.” This applies to eating junk food, skipping workouts, drinking tequila shots, and just about everything else. Fairness is more important than effectiveness.

14. Never set any concrete goals. Things like “lose some weight” or “be more toned” should do the trick.

15. Unless of course you want to try this route: set outlandish goals that make no sense for you, such as “be so skinny my thighs don’t touch” or “work out every single day for an hour this month.”

16. Another option: Set a goal based entirely on the number on the scale. Who cares if your clothes fit better, you look great naked, or you feel energized and happy—what really matters is how many numbers you are.

17. Which reminds me… For heavens sake don’t set your own goals based on your own body or aesthetic—always assume that the media knows best about what you “should” look like. Stick to their rules, so you don’t have to get too personal with your own body issues or goals.

18. Practice self-defeating behaviors, like constantly reminding yourself that you’re not good enough, and that you don’t deserve to feel good.

19. Assign labels and limits to yourself, and never change them. Some good ones include “I have no balance,” “I hate exercise,” and “I’m sooo weak.”

20. Practice judge-y behaviors, like picking apart other women’s bodies and saying things like “skinny bitch” “that’s disgusting” and “I’d look like that too, if I threw up everything I ate.”

21. Constantly remind yourself– and everyone else– how busy you are… thus why you didn’t get your workout in, or have time to pack a lunch.

22. Consider anything that comes out of a vending machine fair game when you’re really hungry.

23. Drink your calories. Remember that 100 calories of orange juice is EXACTLY the same as 100 calories of egg whites and spinach. Plus as we all know, celebrities and models drink juice. Therefore so should you.

24. Remember that food isn’t there to fuel your body or make you feel great… it’s just a never-ending cycle of missed opportunities to lose weight.

25. Consider calories the be-all end-all of dieting. Since all calories are equal, and the goal is to eat as few of them as possible, go ahead and count them. Obsessively. There should be no physiological or psychological backlash to this plan.

26. Sit at a desk all day. Don’t get up and move much, and definitely never stretch.

27. Only read health/fitness information that is convenient and doesn’t challenge your current status in any way. Magazine articles telling you things like “lifting weights will make you bulky” are perfect.

28. If you don’t like an exercise the first time, just don’t do it. Bonus points for finding some shitty article on why it’s dangerous, and using that article to not only defend your choice, but to berate others who are doing this exercise.

29. Mentally check out while exercising. Actually, mentally check out as often as you can get away with. Mindless eating, mindless exercising, mindless work, and mindless downtime will ensure that you never have to get too involved in your life.

30. Always have an excuse ready for why you’re not doing any of the things you know you should do to feel better. “Tired” will cover most bases, but “headache,” “no willpower,” “stress,” and “busy” should pretty much round out anything you need to excuse. If you find yourself in a situation in which none of these things apply, be sure to blame someone else.


Monday, October 1

1.  Box Squat
work up to a 1RM – unlike the past few weeks we are going to set this up at 1" below parallel and with 1-2 abmats or foam.

2.  Front Squat
3 x 6

3.  Glute Ham Raises
3 x max reps

4. AMRAP 10:
300m Row
30 Abmat Sit ups


IMG_6067Strength Focus

Overhead Squats
3-3-3 rep sets


CrossFit Benchmark WOD – "Nancy"

5 Rounds of:
Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats – 95# M/65# W                    Compare to March 2012


Sunday, September 30

Rest Day


Approval Is Overrated

Don’t wait for approval.

So many people make this mistake in life: they
hesitate to act bold and beautiful because they’re just not sure.
They’re waiting for someone to tell them “Yes!” or “Do it” or “That’s
it, Sweetie!”

Well, forget that. Sweetie’s all grown up and she’s got a barbell in her hands. She knows what she needs to do. She just needs to fucking do it.

Stop waiting for permission to live your life, or do what you really want to do. You got one go-round. One.
You can be brave and risk your heart and breath and love a million
times a day … or you can play it safe and make sure that you’re doing
the right thing before you do it.

You can hesitate and come in second, or fifth, or fifteenth, or fiftieth. Or, worse, never even start — because you weren’t quite sure it was the right thing to do.

Yeah, you might get hurt. Yeah, you might screw up.
Who the heck cares? Only you and your big ego. So get over yourself and
lay your heart on the line every day. Be bold. Be brave. Be big. And,
whenever you can, be kind. It’s way more important than any of us ever

Don’t wait for approval. Go out and be exactly who you want to be.

Oly Day

IMG_6011CrossFit WOD

Find 1 Rep max Snatch

Find 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

Compare to July 2010, March 2011, Aug 2012

Strength Focus

Find your 5 rep max Deadlift












Saturday, September 29

1.  "Jackie"
For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull ups

2.  AMRAP 4
2 Power Cleans
2 Frond Squats
2 Jerks
Dudes: 185
Chicks: 135


No midgets were harmed in the making of this film.

Thursday Make Up Day


Déjà vu all over again…

IMG_5920Jonni was visiting from CrossFit X

Black Widow


Screw Ball

Friday, September 28

Chad Vaughn cleans.

1.  Snatch
work up to a 1 RM

2.  Clean and Jerk
work up to a 1 RM

Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet Snatches.