2012 CrossFit Games Day 2!

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Morning Classes

IMG_2125Games Individual WOD #3 – Med Ball Toss:

Sitting in the GHD, athletes will throw as many medicine balls as far as possible.  Measure distance the ball stops at.

CFF Men will throw 8 pound medicine balls.
CFF Women will throw 6 pound medicine balls.

Immediately after this event, athletes will reset for the Split Snatch/Bar MU Triplet Event.

Individual WOD #4 Triplet:
IMG_20003 rounds for time of:

  • 8 Split Snatch, alternating legs                -115# M/75# W
  • 7 Bar Muscle-ups
  • Run 400m

Time Cap:  13 minutes

IMG_1979 IMG_1979 IMG_1979 IMG_1979 IMG_1979 IMG_1979

Afternoon Classes

IMG_2124Games Team WOD #4 – Front Squat

2 rep max Front Squat for load

Score total best weights from all 6 team members.

Each team will have one barbell (with a rack) and 4 minutes for all 6 members to complete the lifts.

Time Cap: 4 minutes

After the 4 minute time cap is up, teams will reset and transition to the Team Triplet.

Team WOD #5 – Team Triplet

Three mixed gender pairs complete the following for time:
Row 750m, while partner holds 215# M/145# W in the Front Rack position
50 Burpees, while partner holds 135# M/95# W Overhead
50 Thrusters, 95# M/65# W, while partner holds the Dip support position

Partners may switch during each exercise but repetitions will only count while the other partner is holding the required position. Each pair of athletes must complete all the repetitions before moving to the next exercise. The next pair of athletes may not begin each exercise until the leading pair has finished.

Time Cap: 22 minutes

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