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Push Jerks and Prowler Push for the Young Athletes

IMG_3576 Prowler Wayatt H Prowler H Becca T W V T W V 3 T W V 2 H Becca Wayatt


In Kids

May 26, 2011

Resistance training and kids is a contentious issue. Maurizio Guarrata and Dan Edelman offer some perspective from athletic training in Europe.

Youth resistance training has generated a lot of controversy over the years. Through the 1980s, the common wisdom held that youth resistance training was ineffective. In addition, a myth that weight training stunts children’s growth, typically seen as stemming from Kato and Ishiko’s study, persists even today.

However, over time, better-designed studies indicated that, indeed, strength can be increased in children and that resistance programs were not only safe but integral to children’s general fitness and sports performance. The wealth of empirical evidence specifying the positive impact of resistance training for kids has led many key authorities to come out in support of youth resistance training.

Safety is a critical dimension, no doubt, especially with respect to technique, but, again, practice and statistics show that when done with adequate supervision, resistance training with children and teens is relatively injury- and accident-free when compared to sports, while strength gains are genuine and help decrease the incidence of sports-related injuries.


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CrossFit Preschool 5/25/11

Ps board Hoop Aidren H Colin box H Shuttle 1 V Shuttle 2 H Aidren box H

Wheel Barrow Walks and Handstands

Kids board 5:24

Wheel barrow 1 Wheel barrow 2 WB 1 WB 2 Handstand 1 Handstand 2 H DL    F L H

Free Saturday for Kids Too!


Free sat kid board Group H Agility V Aidren hoop hop V Eric Hull burpee Jack tire Wayatt v Hayden Hull jump

Rope swing 2 H H log roll IMG_2685

Young Athletes Practice The Snatch

V snatch 1 V snatch 2 V snatch 3 Wayatt dylan snatch 3 H Wyatt dylan snatch 2 H Mia Sn V 1 Mia sn V 2 YA board

Dancing Flying Monkeys?

No, Just the Preschool Class doing Burpees and Jumping off boxes.

Nobel H Aidren Jump Prayer Jump Aidren burpee Nobel jump PS board 5:19

New Game – Roller Derby

IMG_2593 IMG_2596 IMG_2606



CrossFit Young Athletes – Picking Objects up off the Ground

YA_5112011_board YA_5112011_4 YA_05112011 YA_5112011_1


Lets take a moment and talk about the deadlift.  What is the deadlift and why should I do it?  Well at its most basic description, the deadlift is picking something up off of the ground, and the heavier the better.  Why you should deadlift is easy.  For the rest of your life you will be picking things up off of the floor you might as well be able to do it well.  There are many benefits to doing the deadlift but to be able to lift something up off of the ground safely and effeciantly is probabally the most important.

-from Practice CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids – Teamwork

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CrossFit Young Athletes – Going Overhead

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