2011 AC2 IS COMING!!!

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Saturday December 3, 2011

AC^2 Logo

Where: CrossFit Flagstaff

1072 Old Canyon Court Flagstaff, AZ

When:   Saturday 12/3/11 0900-1700

What: An Individual Competition w/ multiple events

RX'd and Scaled Divisions

  Registration will be open for this event in early October. There will be a limited number of competitor spots available so register early! Registration will close on November 12th.


AC^2 2010 group Flying pullups Todd Cullen ac^2 Joel

This fundraising event was a grest success for a local Flagstaff family fighting breast cancer, last year.

This year fund raising efforts will go to help Lauriel Luther's on-going fight and treatment of brain cancer.

Lauriel_and_her_leaderboard Games2011_lauriel3_triplet Games2011_lauriel1_triplet


Come out to 7000', support a member of our local CrossFit community, and push your limits! You won't want to miss out this year!


Know someone that wants to judge or be a volunteer? Contact Cullen Young-Blackgoat @ zerordinary@yahoo.com

Questions about Registration or have a sponsorship idea in your area? Contact Tara Ross @ taraross421@gmail.com

All other question about the event please contact Todd Miller @ mtnff13@hotmail.com 



  1. I am so very blessed. Thank you all so much for doing this. Last year I participated. I wear my event shirt all the time, recalling a great event for a great cause. I never imagined that a similar event would be held for me. Thank you soooooo much!

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