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July Morning Class Time

REMINDER:  Starting Monday, July 6th, morning class will only be held at 8:00 a.m. for Open Gym time.

King Corn

Corn  You Are What
You Eat

A Summary of the Documentary by
Lauren Ruck

corn alcohol, corn gluten, corn extract, corn flour, corn oil, corn
oil margarine, cornstarch, corn sweetener, corn sugar, corn syrup, corn
syrup solids, popcorn, cornmeal,
cornstarch. King Corn is a documentary that follows
two young men from the cornfields of Iowa to the local grocery stores
you and I shop at. Their efforts strive to show, you are what you eat.
What is it exactly that you eat, that we eat, corn, lots and lots of

two young men, Ian and Curt begin their journey with a sobering fact.
We all will someday die, but maybe sooner than we thought. We are the
first generation in American history that has a shorter life expectancy
than our parents, and it is because of the food we eat. 

the University of Virginia Ian and Curt visit Professor Steve Macko.
Steve specializes in hair analysis. He states that hair is like a tape
recorder of everything we put into our bodies. Steve takes samples of
Ian and Curt's hair and analyzes it. He says that he can tell from their
hair that the carbon in their bodies originates from corn. Corn these
days is nearly unavoidable. Every food that has been sweetened is likely
to have been sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. The meat we eat
is mainly corn feed, which is turned into the cow's
biomass and then
consumed by us. That cookie, made with cornstarch. You get the picture.

Ian and Curt set out to do a little research for themselves. They moved
from their homes in Boston, to Iowa. They rented one acre of farmland
and started the process of farming corn. They applied for their permits,
bought their supplies, and with the help of the local farmers, planted
one acre of corn.

corn has changed drastically over the past 20-30 years with one goal
in mind, yield. With the advancement of technology, we not only have
hi tech equipment to aid in the process, we also have genetically modified
corn. These modifications allow each plant to tolerate being planted
very close to one another allowing more plants in a smaller space.

Ian and Curt's acre they were able to plant 31 thousand corn seeds.
With the help of some heavy machinery they process look all of 18 minutes.
On average a one-acre plot of corn will yield 5 tons of food, none of
which is eatable. The corn must first be processed. Ironically, the
Iowa corn farmer can no longer feed himself.

Ian and Curt waited for their corn to grow they decided to explore all
the different place corn ends up. They started with, cows. Currently
cows that are bread for market are fed a diet of 60% corn. As it turns
out corn actually kills cows, as they are intended to eat grass. However,
corn also makes cows fat, fast. Grass fed cows take several years to
reach market weight. Corn fed cows typically reach market weight in
120-140 days. The problem is that after about 60-90 days on a corn fed
diet the cows develop stomach ulcer and acidosis. If not treated they
will die, the treatment, antibiotics. Currently livestock consume 70%
of the antibiotics in the United States.

and Curt also followed corn into the grocery stores. Corn is found in
almost every product on the grocery store shelf, mainly in the form
of high fructose corn syrup. Prior to 1970 no one ate high fructose
corn syrup because it was too expensive to make. Now it is by far the
dominant from of sugar in food. High fructose corn syrup has no nutritional
causes adverse metabolic affects, and is merely empty calories.  

increased exposure to corn and corn products has caused an explosion
of obesity and disease, namely diabetes. Today 1 in 8 New Yorkers have
diabetes. These numbers are a direct result of our nutrition.

of the problem is that the government rewards the over production of
cheap corn with subsidies. In fact if corn farmers merely grew and sold
corn they would lose money hand over fist. The only profit in farming
corn comes in government subsidies. We are also part of the problem.
We like cheap food, we demand it, and they supply it. On average in
this country we spend about 12-15 percent of our income on food. In
generations past up to 50% of a family's income was spent on food. We
spend less of our income on food than any other generation in history.


am left reminded of one of my favorite John Mayer songs titled Gravity.
He reminds us that maybe, "twice as much aint twice as good and
cant sustain like one half could, it's wanting
more that's gonna send
me to my knees." It this case wanting more might send up to our

For more information click the title above and for the actual documentary video, click here.KingCorn

Drive the Hip

IMG_2729 WOD
Max Rounds In 20 Minutes of:

95 lb. M/65 lb. W

CrossFit Educational Videos:
Core to Extremity Violation, Pat Sherwood …
Sumo DL High Pull, Level II Seminar …[wmv][mov]

IMG_2547 IMG_2676 IMG_2674 IMG_2628 IMG_2654 IMG_2546 IMG_2640 IMG_2669 IMG_2549

Injury and why I love CrossFit.

-Eileen Schreiber

So…….. I got hurt. I jumped too high, didn’t make
it, fell backwards, and broke that fall with two hands behind me. It’s
been over a week and I’m just now feeling OK about bearing load –
meaning, holding the blow dryer without pain, or pulling off my bra, (OUCH), and
I still shake hands like a total wimp.

Thank goodness it’s nothing that a little time
won’t heal.  This is not being really “HURT”.

But getting injured in any way made me think a lot about
CrossFit, and why I love it so much.

Nobody pushed me to jump that high. I tried it on my own. 
Nobody stood next to me, subtly asking me to feel like a wimp or a pussy if I
didn’t go for it.  The box was there.  And so were lower ones. The only
reason I tried to jump that high is because I wanted to.

Since I’ve been hurt, I’ve kept going to
CrossFit.  I can’t use my hands.  Period.  And it’s OK.  Again,
nobody treats me worse because I can’t do what they do.  I just do
something else.

If our CrossFit were a place where I felt like I was
constantly being pushed from the outside..if I felt like someone was treating
me like I have to always go one step father or harder to be worthy , I would
never come back.

I love our CrossFit because the challenge is ALWAYS there..
the competition is ALWAYS in front of me.. the people who can do it all as
Rx’d are working out next to me…so the opportunity to push harder,
do it faster, bear more load,  is omnipresent. 

But the only one who EVER puts the pressure on to take it
on.. is me. 

Intro to Intensity, Greg Glassman…[mov][wmv]

CrossFit Kids Flagstaff = FUN!!


  400m Run
  Running/Jumping Drills

Skill Test: Grip Test

    4 Rounds for Time:
  • Run to Mailbox and Back
  • 6 Knees to Elbows 
  • 9 Assisted Pullups 
  • 15 Air Squats 

IMG_2680 IMG_2688 IMG_2681 IMG_2694 IMG_2684   

Monday’s Partner Workout

IMG_2538IMG_2486IMG_2501IMG_2489IMG_2484 IMG_2504IMG_2521IMG_2514Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff, Gabe

IMG_2534 IMG_2536

Welcome Back, Katie B.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Buy In:IMG_2475

  • 15 Pushups
  • 15 Ring Rows 
  • 15 Wall Squats 
  • 800m Run 


  • 20 Tire Flips
  • 25 Ring Pushups 
  • 50 Pullups 
  • 25 Ring Pushups 
  • 20 Tire Flips 

Cash Out:

  • 25 GHD Situps
  • 25 Back Extensions 


IMG_2464 IMG_2458 IMG_2474 IMG_2467 IMG_2461  

Cullen’s Saturday Crew

Buy In:IMG_2455

   3 Rounds for Time:

Cash Out:

IMG_2418 IMG_2448 IMG_2397 IMG_2416 IMG_2405 IMG_2398IMG_2400

   Welcome back, John.

IMG_2441 IMG_2411
Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff, Ron.


Mary at 7K ft (Rob Miller)…[wmv][mov]

Pistols, Part I (Adrian Bozman) …[wmv][mov]
Pistols, Part II (Adrian Bozman) …
Pistols, Part III (Adrian Bozman …

For those who really don't have pistols, they can single-leg squat to a
high box.  However they do it, they need to stay on their heels.  NO
knee problems as a result of going deeper than capable.  Start shallow
and build the capacity.




Trail Run

YosemiteRun Buy In:

2x Max Pushups

  • 5k Trail Run

(McMillan Mesa Trail to Buffalo Park, run half of the Buffalo Park Loop and run back to start) 

IMG_2315 IMG_2316
Run, Hike, Climb, Clean rocks, Squat outside, or Ride (maybe a Bier Bike?). Try something new, push yourself on something old and see if you've improved!
P1000114 P1000192P1000246 YosemiteCleans P1000248 P1000258 P1000154 P1000313
Faces in the photos:  Saul Jiminez, Mad Dawg Fitness, Susan Robinson, Fitness Beyond the Box.

Broomstick Half Mile


  Agility Ladder

  10 Pushups
  Hollow Rocks/Superman Holds

Skill Review:
  Review all movements for Workout

WOD: Broomstick Half Mile (w/ PVC)
  • 15 Back Squats
  • 15 Front Squats 
  • 15 Overhead Squats  
    • 200m Run  
  • 15 Shoulder Press 
  • 15 Push Press 
  • 15 Push Jerk 
    • 200m Run  
  • 25 Hang Squat Cleans 
    • 200m Run  
  • 25 Snatches 
    • 200m Run  

IMG_2228 IMG_2231 IMG_2237 IMG_2242 IMG_2248 IMG_2251 IMG_2264 IMG_2267 IMG_2281