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CrossFit RRG: We support our community's first line of defense.

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First Pullups!

IMG_7246 WOD
Front Squat
5-5-5 rep rounds for load.

Rest, then:
2 Rounds for time-20 reps then 10 reps of:

(expected time cap of 5-7 minutes, choose weight accordingly)

Rest, then:
Good Mornings
8-8-8 rep rounds to stretch and recover.
IMG_7145 IMG_7210IMG_7090IMG_7091IMG_7094IMG_7093IMG_7095IMG_7230IMG_7231IMG_7232
LAUREN GOT HER FIRST KIPPING PULLUP TONIGHT -AND THEN GOT 5 MORE RIGHT IN A ROW!  Yay!!!  Laura ALSO got a PR in FIVE kipping pullups in a row!  SUPER STRONG GIRLS!!  They both then proceeded to continue their pullups in teaching Lee and Jane how to kip.  It was really awesome to watch all of you working on that together.

Weakness #2

"For many people, fitness training has become their
sport- a sport where the aims are simply to become as fit as possible."
– Coach Glassman

Shoulder Press
10x at 65% of 1 rep max, 8x at 70%, 6x at 80%, 4x at 85%, 4x at 85%

Rest, then:
Run 4x 400m
Rest 3 minutes between each.

Rest, then:
-1 rep on the minute for 5 minutes.  Rest 1 min, increase load, repeat another set of 1 rep on the minute for 5 minutes. (80-90% of 1 rep max)
IMG_7114 IMG_7056 IMG_7079 IMG_7074 IMG_7057
Way to SPRINT out the finish of every one of those laps, Laura!  Smokin' effort!
 IMG_7045 IMG_7048IMG_7069

More Rippetoe on Shoulder Press:
Weighted Press, Part II, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Weighted Press, Part III, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

CrossFit Lecture Video on Running Mechanics:
"Wheel Analogy", CrossFit Running Certification by CrossFit Again Faster, CrossFit Journal Preview – video [wmv] [mov]

Snatch Videos:
Natalie Woolfolk at Mike's Gym
Aimee Anaya 91kg Snatch 
Slow Motion Snatch

It Can Change Your LIFE

Sometimes, you read a story that makes you stop and really think of the effect that CrossFit can have on people. Lu Crenshaw, CrossFit Allegiance, shared the very touching story of her sister with the CrossFit community:

This article was written by my sister Ellie Crenshaw.  I asked her for her story after one week.  I didn’t do it after a month or two months because in 3 sessions of CrossFit she was a different girl.  She comes into the 6am classes.  She has a glow about her.  She is happy and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She is an amazing woman and she is day by day taking hold of that.  She has been eating Paleo for 2 weeks as well.  She was allergic to wheat but never knew it until CF.  Now she feels good everyday, she is not sick or having headaches.  She is an INSPIRATION to me daily, she also INSPIRES so many people in the gym.  She is touching lives and doesn’t even realize it.  She is my best friend and I love her with all my heart….READ ON to hear her story. 

Before Crossfit my life was hard to look at and be optimistic. I was in a deep depression. I would only leave my bed for work and my weekly counseling appointment. My life had been a struggle and I was angry all the time and with everyone.  I had just had a miscarriage and was starting the grieving process. Though I wanted to be happier I really didn’t know how or what else to do. Throughout my life I had also struggled with my weight. Though I was born in a family of athletes I had struggled with overeating and bulimia at different phases in my life.

My sister asked me to take a short road trip with her to a soccer game she had and I was more than willing to get out of town for the day. On the way home we had a conversation that wasn’t very different from ones we’d had in the past. Again, she was telling me she wanted so badly for me to take her up on her training and get in the gym. She kept saying she had a gift for me and I just needed to accept it. Again I was just waiting for the conversation to end. I never liked having that discussion. I knew I was unhealthy but I wanted to just sweep it under the rug instead of confront it. I was having serious health issues after the loss of the baby and was terrified I was going to die soon.

Not long after that conversation with my sister I decided to try one of her classes. Why not? Maybe she’d drop it if I just did it once. The whole way there I was thinking how much I didn’t want to do this. The class started and I felt like there was no way in hell I was going to make it through the warm up let alone the work out. This voice in my head kept saying “you can’t do this.” “You’re too fat.” “They’re all making fun of you”. Through the voice I started to hear someone cheering for me. “Good job Ellie!” “Keep pushing”. The positive voice became louder than the negative. The voices that were cheering me on was actual people in class.  They weren’t making fun of me, they were actually quieting the voice. I finished the workout and was so proud of myself I wanted to do it again. Each day the Crossfit family taught me something new about myself.

One day I was on my last 400 meter run of the workout and I had made up my mind that there was no way I was going to be able to run any more. One of the ladies that had been in Crossfit longer than me came running up along side me. She was done with her workout and tired but wasn’t going to let me quit. She ran the whole lap with me telling me that it get’s better and more rewarding the more I come. I walked into that first class feeling like the new kid in school and left feeling like they were all old friends. I WAS HOOKED. From that day on the only thing that came out of my mouth was about Crossfit and how it was changing my life. It was better than any counseling session or any night out with my friends. I had discovered the key to my happiness. It was not letting go of all the things I’d been through but taking all the energy I was putting into me being a victim into FINDING MY POTENTIAL. I surprised myself because there was more there than I expected to find. In my first week I cured so much heartache and depression that had been growing from so many years  of being torn down. I felt at home. Crossfit killed that voice in my head that told me I couldn’t and I wasn’t good enough.I feel that this has truly shown in everyday life, not just in the gym. Crossfit IS a way of life. I’ve come out of my first week a stronger and more confident person. I have my sister to thank. Crossfit saved my life and
I only hope someone reads this and decides that they need to better their situation even if that voice is telling them it’s too hard.

EVERYONE gets to train Lisa’s weaknesses!

I have asked Dutch to help me train for the Games.  He asked for my times and numbers on benchmark WODs and my lifts.  Apparently I need to get stronger.  Get ready everyone!  You ALL get to train with me to prepare for the Games -and you ALL get to train my weaknesses!  GRIN.
WOD #1
Clean and Jerk

Work up to a heavy single (no more than 6 or 7 reps).

Rest, then:

5 rounds for time (aim for 4-6 minutes) of:
   10 Deadlifts 
-choose weight accordingly for expected time domain

   10 Pullups

Rest, then:
Romainian Deadlift 3×5 with Deadlift weight used in workout.

IMG_7021 IMG_6974 IMG_6984 IMG_7011 IMG_7015 IMG_7007

Physical Training Test

CrossFit Flagstaff Kidz completed the Physical Training Test this evening. The kids gave it their best and did awesome!! There were quite a few PR's across the board. Great work, kids!!

The Test includes:IMG_7031
  • Max Pullups
  • Max Pushups 
  • Max L-Sit / Tuck Sit Hold 
  • Shuttle Run 
  • 50m Sprint 
  • Max Situps in One Minute 
  • Max Squats in One Minute 



IMG_7017 IMG_7028


IMG_6969 CrossFit Hero WOD – "DT"

5 Rounds For Time of:
12 Deadlifts
-155 lb. M/100 lb. W
9 Hang Power Cleans-155 lb. M/100 lb. W
6 Push Jerks -155 lb. M/100 lb. W


In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on
Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was
struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year
old son T.J.

IMG_6909 IMG_6890 

Think they are about to rumble?…        Jane, that is THE BEST extension I have ever seen you get!  Nice work!

IMG_6912 IMG_6942 IMG_6949 IMG_6947 IMG_6946 IMG_6948

Anything Is Possible, If You Train For It…

Everything is Possible

We had the privilege of having some great videographers here at the Great Basin Regional Qualifiers for the 2009 CrossFit Games!  Here are a couple of the videos that have come out on our Regionals so far!  Look for the CrossFit Flagstaff athletes in them!


Clay Weldon made a highlight video of the overall event … [wmv] [mov]

Sevan Matossian made a video of the Women's Final Workout … [wmv] [mov]

CrossFit Baseball


"CrossFit Baseball"

As many runs as possible in 25 minutes:
  • To start run: 10 Pullups
  • 1st Base:  10 Pushups 
  • 2nd Base  10 Air Squats 
  • 3rd Base: 10 KB Swings 

IMG_6860 IMG_6861 IMG_6868 IMG_6876 IMG_6867

Saturday’s Partner Workout

Bayou City CrossFit's "Battle Buddy" WOD

Two Person Teams Complete Four Rounds for Time of:
Only one person can do work at a time
The bar can not touch the ground
Both teammates must do half the work (20 a piece and 100 jump rope)


IMG_6782 IMG_6843 IMG_6752 IMG_6764 IMG_6769

Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff, Bri.

IMG_6833 IMG_6826 IMG_6839

                           Do whatever it takes to keep the bar off the ground!!