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With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Record number of minutes completed.

Instructional videos on the kipping pullup:

Fixing the Swing, Hips in Kipping Pullup, Annie Teaches Kipping Pullup,   Kipping Pullup Concepts

Today 0530
Ryan : 8
Tara: 11 (she is the high hitter for this one!)

Today 1730
Amanda: 10 (rubber band pu)
Chloe: 6 (kipping)
Katie B: 6 (kipping)
Isabelle: 10 (kipping) (with no pain)

THEN the girls didn’t get enough~  so they did more.

Amanda: GHD 17
Chloe:  GHD 16
Isabelle: GHD 18
Katie B: Rowed 5000 meters (Again)Pullups1Pullups_2Pullups2    Short_swing_13108_003_8 Short_swing_13108_008_summit_3 Short_swing_13108_012

Big Cottonwood Canyon Dawn Patrol Ski Tour

“Josh” and “Elizabeth”

Elizabeth_2Today’s WOD

CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Elizabeth"

For Time:

21-15-9 Rep Rounds of:

Annie and Greg demo "Elizabeth", as Rx’d.

Greg demos Power Elizabeth, not as Rx’d.

JoshThis past SATURDAY’S WOD didn’t get posted.

Jason coached CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Josh"

For Time:

Annie demos "Josh".

(all white highlighted movements are links to demo and lecture videos for education, courtesy

Special thanks goes out this week to all our trainers who have stepped up to the plate and covered extra CrossFit Flagstaff classes, new clients, and NAU classes while Mike and I have been out of town.  We TOTALLY appreciate their time, efforts, enthusiasm, and willingness!


A good article with a little something to mull over about yourself and your own performance.  Don’t quit pushing yourselves to the edge, and over, discovering what you’re capable of.  Seeing many of you start gunning for one another’s times and loads lately has been great.  I have seen peformances improve, plateau’s be broken, excellence pursued, perseverance prevail inspite of fatigue and near-death hallucinations-and Pukie’s presence.  It is because of the pursuit of excellence AND A Dose of Humility.  Thank you, again, Jon Gilson!


Img_1646 WOD
CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Diane"
21-15-9 Rep Rounds for Time:

Demo video of "Diane" by Brett Marshall, aka "AFT"
Demo video of "Diane" by James Fitzgerald, aka "OPT"
Both are from CrossFit Calgary.

Img_2505_3 Img_2525_2 Img_2529_2
Four people got on the official "As Rx’d" Board today!  Nice work Cullen, Phil, Jason, and Mike Oberst!!
Img_1644 Img_2513 Img_2530

Front Squats


          1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 rep rounds
Increase load each round for 1 rep max.

9:00 a.m.                                            5:30 p.m.Picture_012



0125080950_3 CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Mary"

Max Rounds in 20 minutes of:

Compare to October 2007.

Rob Miller, CrossFit Santa Cruz, demos "Mary" at CrossFit Flagstaff!


Is Your Workout Wasting Your Time? (courtesy

Damian Hirtz, owner of Revolution Defense and Fitness, a CrossFit affiliate in Minneapolis, was interviewed for this Health and Fitness article.

Did "Mary" waste your time, today, Crew?

Michael and the Bear

Img_2499_3 WOD

5:30 a.m. Crew

CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Michael"

3 Rounds For Time of:

9:00 and 5:30 p.m. Crew

Cullen’s Painstorm Bear ComplexImg_2498_4   Img_2464_3 Img_2480_2 Img_2493 Img_2495 Img_2496 Img_2477 Img_2489 Img_2462

The middle 4 photos reminded me of this little monologue posted on the website awhile back…

"Weight Gazing"

You’ve seen the weight gazers on the floor. They’re the ones in the middle of a kickass Fran or a raging FGB who feel the need to pause and assess the apparatus they’ve just spent hard won reps lifting, pulling, or slamming. Why? Because they have fallen into the mental trap of weight gazing. Most commonly they’re just coming off a metabolically demanding exercise, and they spend valuable moments pausing before engaging a strength component. In our Fran example, the gazer comes off the pull up bar and stops for 10-30 seconds before starting to negotiate the Thruster. Instead, our intrepid Crossfitter should grasp the bar immediately and crank out as many reps as possible, even if it’s only one or two, to break the psychological pause of moving from one exercise to another. Once that positive feedback cycle of exercise / progress / exercise has resumed the athlete can start to accurately assess his or her rest needs. The trap of weight gazing is almost exclusively mental – of course we’re tired, but we make negligible metabolic recovery by abstaining from that first rep.

We’ve often times heard Jerry say "Rest Smart" – take three to five deep breaths and fire it up again. Utilize this technique and see valuable seconds recovered, intensity retained, and inevitable improvement achieved.

Tabata Something Else


"Tabata Something Else"

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds
of rest where the first 8 intervals are Pull-ups, the second 8 are Push-ups, the third 8 intervals are Sit-ups, and finally, the last 8
intervals are Squats. There is no rest between exercises.

Keep track of ALL reps from all 8 intervals of each exercise for a TOTAL rep count of all 32 intervals at the end.


This crew is definitely "Something Else"!!

Power Cleans

Img_2608 WOD

          3-3-3-3-3 Rep Rounds
          Increase load with each round.

Pull from the ground, catch high.  Demo video of Clean Catch Heights.
Img_2449_resize Img_2450_resize Img_2451_resize Img_2452_resize Img_2454_resize
Mike has really improved on his full hip extension, which has allowed him to PR in his Clean weight.  I would like to see him catch his weight in a more solid position with his butt back in more of a 1/4 squat, rather than the open hip chasing the femur and knees that we see here.  Mike is really fast in his shrug and extension and pulling himself under the bar, which is key to moving this kind of weight. 
Img_2432_resize Img_2567_resize Img_2526 Img_2468_resize
Good extension and shrug!  Buck and Donna pull a little with their arms, but have come a long way in getting that extension through the hips, knees, ankles, and shrug.
Img_2484_resize Img_2489_resize Img_2598 Img_2551_resize_2
Good catch positions.  (Elbows higher, Cullen.)
Img_2472_resize_2 Img_2543_resize_2 Img_2565_resize Img_2566_resize Img_2567_resize_2
Arms are really pulling here.  Note how straight Tara’s arms are through her pull.  She is putting height and momentum on the bar through her hips and shrug, not by pulling with her arms.  You can note this in Mike’s sequence above and in Jason’s photo in his extension.  The arms bend only when you are pulling yourself under the bar.  Arms are like ropes!

30 Muscle-Ups or Row 10,000m

Our deepest apologies to the 0530 crew.  Our scheduled sub had a senior moment.
He promises to have the 0530 class tomorrow.





Fun on Saturday, P.M. Version: Pre-fight Workout