10K Run

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10K Run – 8K Run – or 5K RunIMG_2733 IMG_2735

Strength Focus:

2-position clean + jerk: 10 rounds – Every 2 minutes, complete:

-1x hang clean + 1x clean + 1x split jerk (Work up to a max 1+ 1+1 for the day, but keep it crisp and goal is no misses. They do not need to be touch and go, so if you’d like to reset after the hang clean, feel free and the jerk is only after the second clean)

Why a 10K WOD?

From CrossFit Journal Issue 64 Dec. 2007

So why should you run 10K?
If you have adopted the CrossFit philosophy, I imagine
you would agree that covering considerable distances is
a functional movement. We evolved tracking animals,
gathering food, migrating with the seasons, etc., so
covering distances like 10K are part of our genetic

Zane 10K Jimena 10K

Jo Lindsay 10K

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… if you just do short interval work to
improve VO2 max and then have to run (or even hike
with heavy gear) quite a distance, your body will hate the
pounding it takes. Just as your body adapts to strength
training and progressive overload, it also adapts to the
mechanical stress of thousands of foot strikes. Trust me:
you may be able to easily handle a 200-pound push jerk
and, yes, the contact force will be much higher than of
any individual footstrike when running, but if you duck
all the runs and then have to cover a lot of distance, it’ll
hurt big time and may even injure you. That’s a big chink
in your fitness armor.

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